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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Moreno Valley Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Moreno Valley
Western States Self Storage Facility at 23190 Hemlock Ave, Moreno Valley, CA
23190 Hemlock Ave,Moreno Valley,CA,92557
23190 Hemlock Ave
Moreno Valley, CA 92557
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  • Climate Controlled
  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$59.00-$249.00(866) 500-1147
Moreno Valley
Extra Space Storage Facility at 21201 Box Springs Rd, Moreno Valley, CA
21201 Box Springs Rd,Moreno Valley,CA,92557
21201 Box Springs Rd
Moreno Valley, CA 92557
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    starting at
    $111.00-$111.00(866) 500-1147
    Moreno Valley
    Extra Space Storage Facility at 16340 Perris Blvd, Moreno Valley, CA
    16340 Perris Blvd,Moreno Valley,CA,92551
    16340 Perris Blvd
    Moreno Valley, CA 92551
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    • Climate Controlled
    starting at
    $71.00-$173.00(866) 500-1147
    Moreno Valley
    Storage Valet Facility at , Moreno Valley, CA
    ,Moreno Valley,CA,
    Moreno Valley, CA
      Moreno Valley
      StorQuest Self Storage Facility at 28720 Spruce Avenue, Moreno Valley, CA
      28720 Spruce Avenue,Moreno Valley,CA,92551
      28720 Spruce Avenue
      Moreno Valley, CA 92551
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      • Auto/Boat/RV
      starting at
      $45.00-$289.00(866) 500-1147


      Finding Storage in Moreno Valley, CA

      If you need self storage in Moreno Valley, you’ve come to the right place. At, we’ll help you compare storage facilities by a variety of features, including price, location, and amenities. When you pick the perfect unit, we’ll help you reserve it, too!


      Whether you’re moving to Moreno Valley from out of town, running a local business, storing recreational equipment or vehicles for the myriad of outdoor activities within or near the city, or you’re living on March Air Reserve Base, we’ll help you find a Moreno Valley storage unit that is tailored to your needs.

      Relocating to Moreno Valley

      Moreno Valley is a growing Southern California city, with typically mild winters and very warm summers. Positioned among the many growing cities in California, it has seen over a 40% increase in population since 2000, for a total of over 200,000 in 2015 - largely made up of young families.

      Retail sales have increased steadily ahead of the population in Moreno Valley, and the city serves as a shopping district for a much larger population than its own, providing jobs alongside products. Development is being further encouraged with business growth incentives and discounts from Moreno Valley Electric Utility, especially in the healthcare field.

      If you’re about to become a part of the growth in Moreno Valley, you may experience some common hassles of moving, particularly if you haven’t picked out a new home. Self storage in Moreno Valley can really take the pressure off of a move, allowing you to keep your stuff safe and move it into your new home at your convenience.

      Features to consider when relocating:

      • Short-Term Rental Agreement: If you’re looking for a new place while your items are in storage, try to get a monthly or even weekly agreement. Then you will be able to move your things out and stop paying for your things as quickly as you want once you find a home.
      • Climate Control: The California heat could damage your sensitive possessions, so climate control is important when moving, since you’re probably storing everything.
      • Drive-Up Access: Drive-up access is generally a must for self storage when moving. Furniture and other large and heavy household items will be a lot easier to move if you can park your truck or van right next to the storage unit.

      Business Storage in Moreno Valley

      Businesses are important to Moreno Valley, as is expressed in their Vision Statement. Obviously, this is a primary contributor to the growing population, in addition to the better costs of living and doing business than one might find in larger cities.

      Self storage for businesses can be very useful, particularly for smaller businesses who might not be able to keep everything they need on hand. Whether you need to store extra stock, files and documents, or equipment not in regular use, self storage is a cheap and efficient way to effectively expand the physical size of your business.

      Features for Moreno Valley business storage:

      • Climate Control: If you’re storing files or sensitive items, you’ll want to protect them from the the SoCal summers. Climate controlled units are kept between 55-85 °F at low humidity.
      • Facility Location: Depending on how often you need to access whatever you decide to keep in your storage unit, you may want to select a location nearby to your business for the easiest access.
      • Extended Hours: When you run a business, you aren’t necessarily done with your work day the minute the doors are closed. You may want to make sure you can access your items outside of normal operating hours.

      Recreational Storage

      There are plenty of things to do in or near Moreno Valley, including plenty of places and opportunities for outdoor fun. Diamond Valley Lake and Lake Perris both feature trails for hikers, bikers, and horse riders. Camping is of course a popular activity in these locations as well. Water sports such as fishing, boating, and windsurfing are available. Moreno Valley features several golf courses as well.

      Owning your own boat, clubs, bikes, and other recreational equipment is convenient and fun. Finding room for them, however, is not always so exciting. Recreational self storage will let you put away the boat or bikes in a place where you won’t be tripping over them or sacrificing space at home.

      Features for Moreno Valley recreational storage:

      • Facility Location: Depending on what and where your activity is, you will prefer to have your storage unit located as close to the place you’ll be frequenting as possible. This will potentially save you a lot of time.
      • Extended Hours: You may want to have access to your things outside the normal operating hours of some facilities. Think about when you’ll be using your equipment and make sure you’ll have access to it whenever you want.
      • Facility Security: Our hobbies are important to us, and when the equipment for them is costly, you want it to be as safe as possible. Some facilities will offer extra security features like video surveillance to make sure your things are always protected.

      Living at March Air Reserve Base

      March Air Reserve Base is the largest employer in the Moreno Valley area, managed by the 452nd Air Mobility Wing and home to several other units from different branches. Hundreds of families live on the base. If you are tight on space, self storage is the easiest way to store belongings for an extended period of time. Deployment may create a need for long-term storage as well.

      Storage amenities to consider living on base:

      • Climate Control: Depending on what you’re storing, climate controlled storage is essential. Sensitive electronics and wooden furniture are among the things that could be damaged over time by California's high temperatures.
      • Vehicle Storage: If your vehicle is going to sit idle for a very long time, you may want to protect it while you’re on deployment. Vehicle storage options will usually include covered or indoor units to protect the vehicle from inclement weather if that is a concern.


      Thanks for using for your self storage needs! If you’re ready to rent a unit, you can do that through our site. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call and talk to one of our self storage experts.