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For current residents of Wyoming who are running out of space in their home, consider renting a storage unit to accommodate belongings you are running out of room for, but don't want to get rid of. makes it easy to search, compare, and rent storage unit sizes, prices, and amenities.

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If you’re looking for self storage in a Wyoming, has a listing in Casper. You can quickly skim the information below to get an idea of prices and sizes of storage units in Casper.

Storage Units in Casper

Most affordable storage units start around $54 (5x10).
Prices for popular storage unit sizes range from:

  • 5x10 ($54-$159)
  • 10x10 ($54-$176)
  • 10x15 ($99)
  • 10x20 ($54-$90)
  • 20x20 ($110-$228)
  • 40x40 ($113)

Do I Need Climate-Controlled Storage in Wyoming?

The state of Wyoming sees cold winters and warm summers. Fluctuating temperatures can lead to damage of your stored belongings if not kept in a climate-controlled storage unit. To learn more about how Wyoming weather can be damaging to commonly stored items, check out our climate-controlled storage page.

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