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Finding Storage in Atlanta, GA

Welcome to the self storage Atlanta, GA directory page on Here, you can search for storage units in Atlanta and compare their rates, sizes, and amenities. With all of that information at your fingertips, you can find the ideal solution for your storage needs. Once you find the right storage space, you can quickly reserve it right here on!


The Atlanta metropolitan area boasts the ninth largest population and the eighth largest economy in the United States. Many major companies maintain their headquarters in Atlanta, such as The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Airlines, and UPS. With so many successful businesses located here, people are constantly relocating to the area for career opportunities. College students are also drawn to the area to attend great schools in a beautiful climate.

With so much mobility in Atlanta, self storage can be an excellent solution for businesses, people moving to the area, college students, and even people who need more space in their homes to get more storage space.

Using Storage While Attending College in Atlanta

Atlanta isn't just a large city built around a thriving economy. It’s also home to thousands of students attending one of the many local colleges. Georgia Tech, Georgia State University, Emory University, and Atlanta University Center Consortium are all located in Atlanta.

With so many institutions of higher learning, there’s a large number of college students that come from other parts of Georgia and other areas of the country. Instead of hauling all of their belongings home over holiday breaks, many college students prefer to rent Atlanta mini storage near campus to store everything between semesters.

Self storage tips for Atlanta college students:

  • Find a storage facility that offers short-term rental agreements so you don't have to waste money paying for storage you don’t need.
  • Many students only need a small locker, like a 5x5 or 5x10, to accommodate their needs.
  • Sharing a unit with a classmate can reduce rental costs and make it easier to get a bigger storage space.
  • When storing over summer break, climate control may be necessary to protect sensitive belongings from harsh Atlanta summers.

Storing Seasonal Items

One reason why Atlanta residents use self storage is to store seasonal items that take up valuable space in their homes. This includes things like out-of-season clothing, holiday decorations, and recreational equipment. Instead of packing spare bedrooms, closets, and your garage full of stuff you rarely use, you can rent a small storage unit and keep your home tidy.

Self storage features to consider when storing seasonal items:

  • Climate Control: When storing seasonal clothing, you'll want to have climate-controlled storage so garments don't sustain any damage.
  • Facility Security: If you’re concerned about the safety of your valuables, many Atlanta storage facilities have basic security amenities like perimeter fencing, security lighting, and unit locks. Some have more advanced features, including on-site management, alarmed units, or video surveillance.
  • Second-Level Unit: Units that aren’t on the ground level of a facility are typically less expensive. If you don’t plan to access your storage unit frequently, you can opt for a unit on the second level.

Living in Downtown Atlanta

Downtown Atlanta is a hot place in more ways than one. In addition to warm temperatures, this part of town is known for hosting major sporting and entertainment events at the Georgia Dome, Philips Arena, and other venues. It's also a popular area for college students as Georgia State University, Georgia Tech, and Emory University are all located in Downtown Atlanta. However, living downtown—or in other popular urban areas like Midtown and Buckhead—comes at a high cost. Often, residents choose a smaller living space in order to fit their budget. This is where Atlanta self storage can be a valuable asset and help those who live downtown fit into their smaller spaces.

Self storage features to consider when living in Downtown Atlanta:

  • Downtown Atlanta Location: You probably chose to live downtown so you would be close to everything, so shouldn't your storage unit be close, too? Easy access is key when using storage to expand your living space.
  • Facility Security: If you're storing valuables in a downtown storage unit, you'll want to be sure that the facility has basic security features like gated access and unit locks and possibly advanced options like alarmed units or video surveillance.
  • Climate Control: Atlanta sees high temperatures in the summer, so if you're storing sensitive items, you'll need climate-controlled storage in order to protect them from damage.

Moving to a New Home in Atlanta

People move for a variety of reasons, and regardless of your reason, storage can help streamline the process. It can be difficult to get leases or moving dates perfectly lined up. As a result, many people end up with a couple weeks or months when they’re between homes. While many friends will be okay with you staying with them for a short time, they probably won't have the space for all of your things. Self storage can be a great solution to bridge the time between homes.

Self storage features to consider while between homes:

  • Short-Term Contract: Hopefully, you won't be in transition for too long. You'll want to have a flexible, short-term contract so you don't have to pay for a storage unit longer than you use it.
  • Security Features: Since you'll be storing almost all of your belongings, security will be a priority during the storage period.
  • Drive-Up Access: A unit with drive-up access will make loading and unloading all of your furniture and appliances as easy as possible.

Relocating to Atlanta

Atlanta supports a booming business culture with 75% of Fortune 1000 companies conducting business in Atlanta. In addition to large companies like The Home Depot and AT&T, the broadcasting industry is well-represented, with CNN and TBS also calling Atlanta their home. These companies draw a lot of people to Atlanta in search of jobs and as a place to start a promising career. However, moving to a new city can be a tall task, and the process of finding a new home and coordinating moving dates can be overwhelming. A storage unit in Atlanta can help with the transition if you need to store all of your belongings while you're between homes or need more time to find the right place rather than rushing into a rental or purchase.

Self storage features to consider when relocating to Atlanta:

  • Climate Control: If you're going to be storing your belongings during a house hunt in the summer, you'll want to protect your valuables from the Atlanta heat.
  • Drive-Up Access: Drive-up access will allow for easy loading and unloading. You'll be able to back a moving truck right up to the door of your storage unit so moving heavy items will be more manageable.
  • Facility Security: Since you'll be storing all of your belongings while waiting to move into your new home, you'll want to have the best security measures possible.

Using Storage for Small Business Operations

Atlanta’s economy encourages many people to start their own small businesses in the area. Many small business owners look for ways to save money and space as their companies grow. With space being such valuable commodity, a small business can easily use self storage in Atlanta as an economical alternative to office or warehouse space.

Here are a few ways small businesses can use self storage:

  • Store excess office supplies (like furniture, electronics, or paper products)
  • Store additional inventory
  • Some facilities even have business centers with Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and electrical outlets inside units


Many storage facilities in Atlanta offer affordable vehicle storage options. Whether you need to store a spare car, classic car, RV, or a boat, self storage is often a safe and practical solution. For most vehicles, there are three options of storage:

  • Outdoor: Most affordable option with no protection from the elements
  • Covered: Slightly more expensive but offers some protection from the elements
  • Indoor: Most expensive option but offers complete protection from all elements

Based on your budget and the desired level of protection for your vehicle, you can find the best storage solution for your needs.


When storing valuables for extended periods of time, you'll want to know that they're protected. When looking at the safety of your stored belongings, you can protect them in two different ways.

Self Storage Security

One way to protect your valuables is to make sure you store them at a facility that takes security seriously. Most storage facilities have perimeter fencing, and many now offer gated entry. Some facilities have more advanced security measures, including:

  • Video Surveillance: Cameras at storage facilities are used to monitor the property and discourage theft from units.
  • Alarmed Units: Some storage facilities provide the option of units with alarms to heighten theft protection.
  • On-Site Management: Paid personnel at the storage facility monitor activities at the property. Managers may work regular business hours, provide special weekend hours, or live on the property for a 24-hour presence.

Climate-Controlled Storage in Atlanta

Another way to protect your belongings while in long-term storage is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. Atlanta summers experience brutally high temperatures, and that heat can damage items like clothing, antiques, electronics, photos, and other sensitive items. Climate control will protect those items by maintaining safe temperatures and humidity levels in your unit.


Thank you for using to find Atlanta self storage facilities. If you found a unit you like, you can make a reservation directly online, or you can call in to speak with a storage representative!