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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
24/7 gate access allows for availability to your unit 24 hours a day 7days a week, so you are able to access your unit whenever you need it.

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Indio Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
La Quinta
79315 California 111, La Quinta, CA, CA 92253
79315 California 111
La Quinta, CA 92253
4.5 / 5
Total 22 Reviews

  • Climate Controlled
  • Interior
starting at
Bermuda Dunes
78120 Avenue 42, Bermuda Dunes, CA, CA 92203
78120 Avenue 42
Bermuda Dunes, CA 92203
5 / 5
Total 32 Reviews

  • Drive Up Access
starting at
46148 Marilyn Street, Indio, CA, CA 92201
46148 Marilyn Street
Indio, CA 92201
4.5 / 5
Total 20 Reviews

  • Drive Up Access
  • Roll Up Door
starting at
Palm Desert
39700 Garand Lane, Palm Desert, CA, CA 92211
39700 Garand Lane
Palm Desert, CA 92211
4.5 / 5
Total 9 Reviews

  • Available for Indoor Vehicle Storage
  • Drive Up Access
  • Roll Up Door
starting at
Rancho Mirage
43-375 Rio Del Sol Road, Rancho Mirage, CA, CA 92270
43-375 Rio Del Sol Road
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
4.5 / 5
Total 14 Reviews

  • 1st Floor
  • Interior
starting at
Palm Desert
40050 Harris Lane, Palm Desert, CA, CA 92211
40050 Harris Lane
Palm Desert, CA 92211
4.5 / 5
Total 27 Reviews

  • 1st Floor
  • 9' Ceiling
  • Interior
  • Roll Up Door
starting at
Thousand Palms
72450 Varner Road, Thousand Palms, CA, CA 92276
72450 Varner Road
Thousand Palms, CA 92276
5 / 5
Total 14 Reviews

  • 1st Floor
  • Interior
starting at
Palm Desert
74853 Hovley Lane East, Palm Desert, CA, CA 92260
74853 Hovley Lane East
Palm Desert, CA 92260
4 / 5
Total 5 Reviews

  • 2nd Floor
  • Climate Controlled
  • Interior
starting at
Palm Desert
73850 Dinah Shore Drive, Palm Desert, CA, CA 92211
73850 Dinah Shore Drive
Palm Desert, CA 92211

  • 10' Ceiling
  • 1st Floor
  • Air Cooled
  • Alarm, Interior, Light in Unit, Premium Location
starting at


Finding Storage in Indio, CA

Are you looking for self storage in Indio, CA? Your search is over! is here to help. offers online features that help you easily find, compare, and rent storage units within minutes. also provides information on available units based on location, unit size, price, and a variety of features. Once you find the unit that best suits your needs, reserving it is only a click away!


Are you moving to Indio after accepting a job at John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital? Have you recently enrolled in classes at the Indio campus of the College of the Desert, or are you just looking for some extra square footage where you can store seasonal belongings? is here to help you find a storage unit in Indio that fits your needs as well as everything you are planning to store.

Relocating to Indio

Whether it was the California climate, the recreational opportunities, or campus life that brought you to "The City of Festivals," transitioning into a new city can be stressful and the to-do list can seem daunting. Renting a storage unit in Indio can help ease the stress of moving by giving you a place to store items of all shapes and sizes while you find the perfect place to call home. Renting a self storage unit in Indio will also allow you to take your time unpacking your belongings from your storage unit into your new house or apartment.

Storage amenities to consider when relocating to Indio:

  • Climate Control: Renting a storage unit that has a stable temperature and regulates humidity year-round will protect your belongings from the hot summer heat and humidity that can be found in Indio. By investing in a climate-controlled unit, your unit will remain between 55–85°F with low humidity, preventing your items from warping or developing mold and mildew.
  • 24-Hour Access: Moving can be hectic! When you reserve an Indio storage unit that has 24-hour access, you can grab items in your storage unit at any time. This feature can especially come in handy if you realize there's something in storage that you desperately need and forgot to grab.
  • Drive-Up Access: Not every item you're packing is going to fit in a standard moving box and be easy to move. When it comes to moving large pieces of furniture such as a bedroom set or a china cabinet, you want to make sure you can move these larger items smoothly and avoid the risk of damaging your furniture. Drive-up access allows you to pull your truck or trailer right outside of the unit for easy hauling.

Expanding Your Living Space

Besides reserving a self storage unit in Indio to ease the stress of the moving process, residents can also use storage units to expand their current living space. Apartment closets can easily fill up quickly with seasonal items that you don't need or use year-round. By investing in a storage unit for items such as seasonal clothes, shoes, or decorations, you can enjoy an organized closet without having to get rid of your winter coats or Christmas tree.

Storage features to consider when expanding living space:

  • Unit Size: When it comes to storing seasonal items, one of the first things you're going to have to do is figure out how many items you'll be putting into storage. Many individuals reserve a 5X5 unit for their seasonal clothes, a unit the size of a small walk-in closet. A 5x5 unit will give you plenty of room to stack boxes or bring in a shelving unit for further organization. Need a little more help determining how big of a unit you need? has an interactive storage size guide to help you determine what storage unit size is right for you!
  • Climate Control: Reserving a climate-controlled unit for clothes and shoes is essential. By keeping environmentally sensitive fabrics out of an area that can experience excessive moisture can help them avoid developing mold and mildew. The climate control feature can also benefit an artificial Christmas tree, lights, and ornaments. Since most lights and ornaments are made out of glass, leaving them in a climate-controlled unit will ensure that they will not shatter or crack due to fluctuating temperatures.
  • 24-Hour Access: Storing your seasonal items in a storage unit that has extended hours can be helpful when it comes time to shift the seasonal items out of storage and into your home. Being able to choose any time to bring items to and from your apartment will help you never feel inconvenienced.

Self Storage Benefits Outdoor Enthusiasts

A self storage unit in Indio is a great place to store outdoor recreational equipment that otherwise would take up precious closet or garage space. Instead of giving up a beloved activity like golf, polo, or surfing, look into a self storage facility to house your recreational equipment and avoid having to sacrifice these belongings due to current space restraints.

Storage amenities that outdoor enthusiasts should consider:

  • Facility Security: Since many recreational items are financial investments, you want to make sure you're leaving them in good hands and that everything will be in good condition when you return. By becoming familiar with the different security measures a storage facility offers, it will give you the peace of mind you may need to know that your belongings are in good hands. Most Indio storage facilities have gated access, but you may want to look for additional features like unit alarms, video surveillance, or on-site management.
  • Facility Location: Finding an Indio storage facility that's close to your apartment is essential, especially if you are going to be storing items that you use frequently. Even though your items are in storage, you want to make sure that you are going to have easy access to the items you want when you need them. Make sure you reserve a storage unit in Indio that is close to your apartment or the location where you will use the particular item. For example, if you will be storing golf clubs, find a storage facility that is close to your favorite country club or golf course.
  • Unit Size: Before signing a contract with a storage facility, it's important to know just how many items you will be putting into storage. By evaluating what items will be put into storage, you will have a better idea of how big of a storage unit you will need to reserve. Taking an inventory of everything that will be going into storage will also ensure that you will not pay for more space than you need.

Self Storage Benefits Festival Participants

Indio wouldn't be called the City of Festivals if it didn't host a long list of special celebrations year-round. With the number of dog, music, art, and even tamale festivals, there's a lot of preparation that goes into making each event a success. A storage unit in Indio can come in handy for festival participants to store their booths or supplies.

Storage amenities that festival participants should consider:

  • Climate Control: When it comes to storing something you care about, you want to make sure it's in the best environment possible. That feeling doesn't change just because something is going into storage. Festival leaders who host booths containing art, pottery, or anything that is environmentally sensitive will greatly benefit from keeping their items in the stable environment that a climate-controlled unit offers.
  • RV Storage: Anyone who participates in the Family Motor Coach Association Rally in Indio can greatly benefit from leaving their motor home at a storage facility in Indio since most home associations prohibit the long-term parking of a motor home in a neighborhood or driveway. When looking for a place to store your RV, it's important to familiarize yourself with the different security measures each storage facility offers to ensure that your property is safe.
  • 24-Hour Access: Storing your festival gear at an Indio storage facility that offers extended hours can be helpful when it comes time to preparing for an upcoming event. Being prepared and organized ahead of time can help aid in the overall success of your event or booth.


Thanks for stopping by to find self storage facilities in Indio. If you've found the storage unit you need, you can reserve it right here on our website, or you can call in to speak with one of our storage representatives.