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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.
24/7 gate access allows for availability to your unit 24 hours a day 7days a week, so you are able to access your unit whenever you need it.
Self serve kiosks allow you to complete your rental at the facility 24/7.
These facilities have office hours on Sunday which allow you to rent storage units on Sunday’s.
Wine Storage: Offers storage for wine

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West Chester Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
West Chester
611 Downingtown Pike, West Chester, PA, PA 19380
611 Downingtown Pike
West Chester, PA 19380

  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
$35.00 "-" $184.0000
West Chester
1008 Greenhill Rd, West Chester, PA, PA 19380
1008 Greenhill Rd
West Chester, PA 19380

  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
$139.00 "-" $417.0000
6 Tabas Ln, Exton, PA, PA 19341
6 Tabas Ln
Exton, PA 19341

  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$58.50 "-" $209.3000
, Cheyney, PA, PA
Cheyney, PA
  • Drive-up Access
$0.00 "-" $10.0000
641 Lancaster Ave, Frazer, PA, PA 19355
641 Lancaster Ave
Frazer, PA 19355

  • Climate Controlled
starting at
$94.25 "-" $467.0000
West Chester
1138 W Chester Pike, West Chester, PA, PA 19382
1138 W Chester Pike
West Chester, PA 19382

    starting at
    $37.00 "-" $279.0000
    30 North Bacton Hill, Frazer, PA, PA 19355
    30 North Bacton Hill
    Frazer, PA 19355

      starting at
      $79.00 "-" $229.0000
      321 W Uwchlan Ave, Downingtown, PA, PA 19335
      321 W Uwchlan Ave
      Downingtown, PA 19335
      5 / 5
      Total 2 Reviews

      • Climate Controlled
      • Drive-up Access
      starting at
      $160.00 "-" $160.0000
      Glen Mills
      1756 Wilmington Pike, Glen Mills, PA, PA 19342
      1756 Wilmington Pike
      Glen Mills, PA 19342

        starting at
        $54.00 "-" $309.0000
        49 Lancaster Ave, Frazer, PA, PA 19355
        49 Lancaster Ave
        Frazer, PA 19355

          starting at
          $28.00 "-" $255.0000
          65 E Lancaster Ave, Malvern, PA, PA 19355
          65 E Lancaster Ave
          Malvern, PA 19355

          • Climate Controlled
          • Drive-up Access
          • Auto/Boat/RV
          starting at
          $18.00 "-" $491.0000
          Newtown Square
          5085 West Chester Pike, Newtown Square, PA, PA 19073
          5085 West Chester Pike
          Newtown Square, PA 19073
            starting at
            $73.00 "-" $359.0000
            Chadds Ford
            199 Wilmington West Chester Pike, Chadds Ford, PA, PA 19317
            199 Wilmington West Chester Pike
            Chadds Ford, PA 19317
            • Climate Controlled
            • Drive-up Access
            starting at
            $58.00 "-" $251.0000
            99 N Caln Rd, Coatesville, PA, PA 19320
            99 N Caln Rd
            Coatesville, PA 19320
            • Climate Controlled
            • Auto/Boat/RV
            starting at
            $97.00 "-" $191.0000
            592 Swedesford Road, Berwyn, PA, PA 19312
            592 Swedesford Road
            Berwyn, PA 19312
              starting at
              $75.00 "-" $460.0000
              4021 Market Street, Aston, PA, PA 19014
              4021 Market Street
              Aston, PA 19014
                starting at
                $43.00 "-" $155.0000
                1420 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA, PA 19064
                1420 Baltimore Pike
                Springfield, PA 19064
                5 / 5
                Total 1 Review
                • Climate Controlled
                • Drive-up Access
                starting at
                $90.00 "-" $217.0000
                2105 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE, DE 19703
                2105 Philadelphia Pike
                Claymont, DE 19703
                • Climate Controlled
                • Auto/Boat/RV
                starting at
                $32.00 "-" $433.0000
                115 6th St, Upland, PA, PA 19013
                115 6th St
                Upland, PA 19013
                  starting at
                  $95.00 "-" $175.0000
                  66 Brower Ave, Phoenixville, PA, PA 19460
                  66 Brower Ave
                  Phoenixville, PA 19460
                  • Climate Controlled
                  • Drive-up Access
                  • Auto/Boat/RV
                  starting at
                  $60.00 "-" $165.0000
                  King of Prussia
                  282 S Gulph Rd, King of Prussia, PA, PA 19406
                  282 S Gulph Rd
                  King of Prussia, PA 19406
                  • Climate Controlled
                  • Drive-up Access
                  • Auto/Boat/RV
                  starting at
                  $30.00 "-" $686.0000
                  King Of Prussia
                  550 Allendale Rd, King Of Prussia, PA, PA 19406
                  550 Allendale Rd
                  King Of Prussia, PA 19406
                  • Climate Controlled
                  starting at
                  $52.00 "-" $381.5500
                  21 Aim Bloulevard, Sadsburyville, PA, PA 19369
                  21 Aim Bloulevard
                  Sadsburyville, PA 19369
                  5 / 5
                  Total 1 Review
                  • Climate Controlled
                  • Drive-up Access
                  starting at
                  $45.00 "-" $129.0000
                  Crum Lynne
                  1240 Chester Pike, Crum Lynne, PA, PA 19022
                  1240 Chester Pike
                  Crum Lynne, PA 19022
                  • Climate Controlled
                  starting at
                  $66.00 "-" $267.0000
                  King of Prussia
                  510 S Henderson Rd, King of Prussia, PA, PA 19406
                  510 S Henderson Rd
                  King of Prussia, PA 19406
                  • Climate Controlled
                  starting at
                  $31.00 "-" $369.0000


                  Finding Storage in West Chester, PA

                  Do you have use for a storage unit in West Chester, PA? If so, you’ve come to the right place. No matter what your reason for seeking storage or how large a unit your need or what sort of amenities you’re looking for with your storage unit, has the solution! You can compare unit sizes, prices, and facility features to determine which one is best for your needs. What’s more: you can even reserve a unit online! In short, everything you need to find good storage is here at


                  West Chester is a small-town, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never need to save space when relocating here for work or school. Even a long-time resident might need to clear out some floor room for more convenient living or when moving to another part of town.

                  Relocating to West Chester

                  West Chester may be smaller and less famous when compared to giant metropolises such as Philadelphia, but it’s still a lovely place. Its friendly neighborhoods, historical architecture, and beautiful Pennsylvania scenery have rightfully earned its label by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “…one of the world’s most perfect small towns.”

                  Once named after its still-existing inn Turk’s Head, West Chester boasts a fine display of Greek Revival architecture as well as several thousand structures dating back to the colonial period. The Brandywine Traveler hotel gives visitors a pleasant experience and a chance to understand why this is such a beloved town. In terms of an economy, the headquarters for Communications Test Design, Inc. are located in West Chester, and the city has some interest in manufacturing with local companies including Mars Drinks and VWR International.

                  Even when moving to a small community such as West Chester, relocation can be a difficult process. Transferring to take a new job or start attending school, for instance, will leave you bound to a schedule with limited time to find a place of residence. Similarly, if you are living on a budget, you might have to settle for an apartment smaller than the one you’d prefer. If you need to make extra living space, a self storage unit can help.

                  Storage features to have when relocating:

                  • Unit Size: Always a relevant question when renting a self storage unit. The appropriate unit size will always depend on how much you want to store. Depending on your needs, the West Chester self storage unit could be a small 5x5 or something larger such as a 10x10 or even a garage-sized 10x30.
                  • Drive-Up Access: If you have a bunch of heavy items to put in storage, save yourself the stress of carrying everything in several long walks to your storage unit and back by renting from a West Chester storage facility with drive-up access. Now those long walks will be shortened to just a few feet, as you can park your automobile directly in front of your storage unit.
                  • Climate Control: For protection against the climate changes common in Pennsylvania, your storage items should be insulated in a room temperature environment. This is possible if you have a West Chester climate-controlled self storage unit! Now you can rest assured your storage unit will remain at 55-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

                  Vehicle Storage in West Chester

                  When you come to West Chester, you will probably want to keep your automobile within a close distance of where you live. This is much easier in a small community such as this as opposed to a large metropolis. However, if you cannot find a residence with an attached garage or parking lot or if simply none are available, you’ll be left to find somewhere else to keep your vehicle. What about if you’re heading overseas for a time? How do you guarantee protection for your vehicle while you are away? There are numerous parking garages in West Chester, but these could cost you a lot of money in the long run. Did you know you can solve a number of these problems with self storage? Using’s search features, it is no problem to find automobile storage in West Chester.

                  Automobile storage amenities:

                  • Indoor/Outdoor Vehicle Storage: There are two primary forms of vehicle storage, and which one you should go with will depend on your budget and your specific storage needs. For those with a limited budget and who will be using their automobile on a regular basis, the cheaper outdoor storage space will do just fine. If you will be going overseas for a long period of time or you own a more expensive, delicate automobile, West Chester indoor vehicle storage is the way to go. You wouldn’t want your model car to be left outdoors in the event of a storm.
                  • Advanced Security Features: A vehicle is not cheap to own or maintain, so you should never store your vehicle anywhere unless you can be guaranteed of adequate security features to protect your investment. Make sure the facility is fenced-in and can only be entered via a gate, so that people cannot easily wander in. Other good features to look for include security cameras and on-site management.
                  • Extended Access Hours: Will you ever need to get your automobile at an unusual hour, such as early in the morning to start a road trip? What about dropping it off again after working late? The facility might not be open during these times. However, if your facility allows 24-hour access to its clientele, you can enter the facility and access your vehicle at any time that is convenient for you. Ask your West Chester storage operator what they offer.

                  Save Living Space with West Chester Self Storage

                  The primary use for self storage anywhere is decluttering, especially at home. With a self storage unit, you can clear out those additional belongings in various rooms of your house, providing more space to walk around or make room for items you need on a daily basis. How about those seasonal items you only need for a few months out of the year? Winter coats and boots will be invaluable during the cold season of the year but will only take up closet space during the pleasant springs and summers. With a self storage unit, you can swap out seasonal items as the time for their need comes and goes.

                  Storage amenities for saving space:

                  • Unit Size: If you only need to clear out a few odds and ends, such as items in a closet, look no further than a standard-sized 5x5 storage unit in West Chester. Upgrade as needed for more items or larger items. A set of furniture might require a 10x10 storage unit. Remember: don’t overcrowd your unit.
                  • Climate Control: When storing items that are sensitive to temperature, maintaining a steady room temperature environment is a priority. Photographs, wooden furniture, electronic devices, paper documents, seasonal items when they are out of season—many of these can be negatively affected by harsh swings in temperature and humidity.
                  • Extended Access Hours: Should you ever need to grab any of your storage items at an unusual hour, it would be a great convenience if your facility had 24-hour access. That way, you don’t have to wait until the next morning to enter your unit.

                  College Storage in West Chester

                  Despite its small size, West Chester has a prestigious university to its name. West Chester University, which offers various undergraduate and masters programs to its students. If you are a student attending from out of town, you’ll need a place to stay. Regardless of whether you are living in a dormitory, an apartment, or a rental house, your hectic life as a college student, as well as the limited budget for living, will probably leave you with less space than desired. You might even need to move a few of your school items into another location.

                  You can counter all of these problems with storage. To save even more money, you can split the rent of the unit with your roommates, both store insides in it, and thereby save even more money!

                  College storage amenities:

                  • Extended Access Hours: College courses can run late into the night, so if you need to pick up something from your West Chester storage unit, make sure the facility has 24-hour access, otherwise you’ll have to wait until the following morning, if your schedule will permit that too.
                  • Climate Control: Electronics and paper documents—which are oftentimes essential for college—are very frail in harsh temperatures. Keep your delicate items insulated in a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them in prime condition.


                  When you have found a self storage unit in West Chester that meets your criteria, you can reserve it, right here on! For any additional questions, you can always phone the facility you are interested in or call one of our storage representatives.