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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
24/7 gate access allows for availability to your unit 24 hours a day 7days a week, so you are able to access your unit whenever you need it.

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Columbus Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
6700 Flat Rock Court, Columbus, GA, GA 31820
6700 Flat Rock Court
Columbus, GA 31820
4 / 5
Total 20 Reviews

  • Outdoor Access
starting at
3560 Victory Drive, Columbus, GA, GA 31903
3560 Victory Drive
Columbus, GA 31903
5 / 5
Total 1 Review

  • Drive Up Access
starting at
4434 Buena Vista Road, Columbus, GA, GA 31907
4434 Buena Vista Road
Columbus, GA 31907
5 / 5
Total 2 Reviews

  • 1st Floor
  • Interior
starting at
1125 Floyd Rd, Columbus, GA, GA 31907
1125 Floyd Rd
Columbus, GA 31907
5 / 5
Total 21 Reviews

  • Drive Up Access
starting at
7711 Veterans Parkway, Columbus, GA, GA 31909
7711 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA 31909
4.5 / 5
Total 1 Review

  • Drive Up Access
starting at
2421 Victory Drive, Columbus, GA, GA 31901
2421 Victory Drive
Columbus, GA 31901
4.5 / 5
Total 5 Reviews

  • 8.5' Ceiling
  • ADA Accessible
  • Alarm
  • Climate Controlled, Humidity Controlled, Interior, Roll Up Door
starting at
1444 Box Rd, Columbus, GA, GA 31907
1444 Box Rd
Columbus, GA 31907
4.5 / 5
Total 54 Reviews

  • 10' Ceiling
  • Drive Up Access
  • Roll Up Door
starting at


Finding Storage in Columbus, GA

Do you need self storage in Columbus, GA? If so, you've come to the right place! At, we understand finding the ideal storage unit can be tricky. You need one with adequate size, good amenities, and a location reasonably close to where you live or work. You can accomplish all of that online! No more phone calls, no more driving to the facility—everything you need to reserve a storage unit in Columbus is right here at your disposal!


People use storage for many reasons. Sometimes, they're moving in a hurry to take a new job or start school and are unable to find a living space that's large enough to hold everything they own. Others are long-time residents who simply want a little more free space around their homes. Regardless of your reason, can make finding Columbus mini storage easier than it's ever been before!

Relocating to Columbus

The second-largest city in the state of Georgia, Columbus is located alongside the Chattahoochee River, which makes this a popular city of whitewater rafting, kayaking, and other water-related activities. There's plenty to keep you occupied on land as well. The city's full of unique museums, theaters, nightclubs, and shopping venues, and it's divided into several distinct districts, such as the historic downtown area, MidTown, and the upscale neighborhoods of North Columbus. Columbus also has a strong economy, especially in health care, insurance, and military. In addition to Aflac, which is headquartered there, the city's top health care/insurance providers include the Columbus Regional Healthcare System, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, and St. Francis Hospital. The number one local employer, though, is Fort Benning, located just south of the city. It employs more than 40,000 people!

When moving to one of the most populous cities in Georgia, one of your first struggles will be finding an apartment, condo, or house spacious enough to accommodate everything you own. Finding space in Columbus can be difficult and expensive, so you may end up with a smaller space that works better for your budget. Rather than trying to downsize after relocating to Columbus, you can move additional belongings to a nearby Columbus storage unit.

Storage features to consider when relocating:

  • Storage Security: Since you might not know how long you'll need a storage unit in Columbus, ensure the protection of your belongings by renting a unit at a facility with adequate security measures. Good amenities to look for include video surveillance, on-site management, alarmed units, and gated access.
  • Drive-Up Access: Save yourself a great deal of stress in hauling your belongings between your car and your storage unit by renting a unit with drive-up access. Simply park and unload your car in front of your unit.
  • Climate Control: Protect sensitive items like electronics and antiques from extreme heat and humidity with climate-controlled storage in Columbus. With climate control, your unit will remain at a consistent temperature between 55-85°F with low humidity to prevent cracking, warping, rusting, and mold growth.

Living in Downtown Columbus

The proximity to the 15-mile-long Chattahoochee Riverwalk, performing arts like the Columbus Ballet and Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and museums like the Coca-Cola Space Science Center are just a few of the reasons why Columbus residents move to the downtown area. But living downtown can be claustrophobic and expensive. To counter the expense, many residents opt for smaller apartments, but that still leaves the issue of space. Here's where a Columbus storage facility can help.

Storage features to consider when living downtown:

  • Unit Size: How much storage do you need? In every situation, it depends on what you want to store. A 5x5 or 5x10 will be sufficient for a couple of boxes and small furniture. For larger needs, you may want to look at a 10x10, which can hold the contents of a small apartment.
  • Facility Location: Since the idea of living downtown is to remain close to everything, you might as well pick a storage facility that's close by as well. Getting around in Downtown Columbus can be hectic, so find a facility that's within walking distance or near public transportation stops.
  • 24-Hour Access: Even though living downtown may keep you closer to your storage unit, you might not have time to swing by your unit before the facility closes for the night. Round-the-clock access is especially helpful for people who work odd hours and want the convenience of accessing their unit whenever they want.

Military Storage in Columbus

With nearby Fort Benning being the city's number one employer, storage for military personnel is a much-needed commodity. Men and women sworn to protect their country often transfer from base to base, and those coming into Columbus for the first time may need a place to store some of their belongings, especially if on-base housing is small. The same goes for military personnel who get deployed for several months. A Columbus storage unit is the perfect place to store a vehicle, extra belongings, or items that need to be kept safe in a new city.

Storage features to consider for military storage:

  • 24-Hour Access: Military personnel sometimes work nontraditional hours, meaning they might not be able to get to a storage until very early in the morning or very late at night. Renting from a facility with 24-hour access will solve this problem, as it permits tenants to enter the facility at any time that's convenient for them.
  • Military Discounts: Some self storage facilities will discount fees for certain clientele. Ask if your local storage provider offer discounts for active military.
  • Climate Control: If you'll be overseas or out of town for months at a time, you'll want your belongings to remain safe and preserved through all the months—and seasons—of the year. A climate-controlled storage unit in Columbus will protect them no matter how hot, cold, or humid it becomes outside.

Vehicle Storage in Columbus

Whether you need to store a car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, Columbus vehicle storage can help! Many Columbus residents turn to vehicle storage when they run out of room in their garage or driveway, or if they're paying too much for a stall in a reserved parking garage.

When it comes to vehicle storage, you have a few options:

  • Outdoor storage is the most affordable option and offers no protection from the elements.
  • Covered storage is slightly more expensive and provides some shelter from the elements.
  • Indoor storage is the most expensive option and provides complete protection from the elements.

Storage features to consider with vehicle storage:

  • 24-Hour Access: Don't store your vehicle at a facility that's only open during regular business hours five days a week. Find a facility that allows round-the-clock access so you can grab your vehicle when you need it.
  • Climate Control: For anyone storing a classic car, climate-controlled storage for your vehicle is a must, especially in the Georgia heat. This amenity keeps your unit at a temperature between 55-85°F with low humidity to prevent rust and mechanical damages.
  • Storage Security: Vehicles are expensive investments, and you don't want them vandalized or stolen. Find a facility that has solid security, such as video surveillance, perimeter fencing, and gated access.


Thanks for using to find your storage solution! If you've found a unit that suits your needs, reserve it directly on our site. You can also call in to speak with one of our storage representatives if you have any questions.