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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Santa Clara Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Santa Clara
Extra Space Storage Facility at 1700 De La Cruz Blvd, Santa Clara, CA
1700 De La Cruz Blvd,Santa Clara,CA,95050
1700 De La Cruz Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95050
5 / 5
Total 1 Review
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  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$53.00-$242.00(866) 500-1147
Santa Clara
West Coast Self-Storage Santa Clara Facility at 2490 Lafayette St, Santa Clara, CA
2490 Lafayette St,Santa Clara,CA,95050
2490 Lafayette St
Santa Clara, CA 95050
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  • Climate Controlled
starting at
$64.00-$519.00(866) 500-1147
Santa Clara
Extra Space Storage Facility at 2576 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA
2576 Scott Blvd,Santa Clara,CA,95050
2576 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara, CA 95050
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  • Climate Controlled
  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$91.00-$194.00(866) 500-1147
Santa Clara
Extra Space Storage Facility at 1775 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA
1775 Laurelwood Rd,Santa Clara,CA,95054
1775 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$51.00-$157.00(866) 500-1147
Santa Clara
Public Storage Facility at 1955 Lafayette St, Santa Clara, CA
1955 Lafayette St,Santa Clara,CA,95050
1955 Lafayette St
Santa Clara, CA 95050
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    starting at
    $68.00-$485.00(866) 500-1147
    Santa Clara
    Public Storage Facility at 3033 Lafayette St, Santa Clara, CA
    3033 Lafayette St,Santa Clara,CA,95054
    3033 Lafayette St
    Santa Clara, CA 95054
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      starting at
      $71.00-$210.00(866) 500-1147
      Santa Clara
      Public Storage Facility at 881 Duane Ave, Santa Clara, CA
      881 Duane Ave,Santa Clara,CA,95054
      881 Duane Ave
      Santa Clara, CA 95054
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        starting at
        $56.00-$429.00(866) 500-1147
        Santa Clara
        Public Storage Facility at 1018 Duane Ave, Santa Clara, CA
        1018 Duane Ave,Santa Clara,CA,95054
        1018 Duane Ave
        Santa Clara, CA 95054
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          starting at
          $65.00-$262.00(866) 500-1147
          Santa Clara
          Public Storage Facility at 630 Laurelwood Road, Santa Clara, CA
          630 Laurelwood Road,Santa Clara,CA,95054
          630 Laurelwood Road
          Santa Clara, CA 95054
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            starting at
            $56.00-$355.00(866) 500-1147


            Finding Storage in Santa Clara, CA

            Seeking self storage in Santa Clara, CA? No need to even pick up the phone book; is here to assist with all of your storage search needs. Our site features provide everything you need to search for storage facilities in your area, compare prices and amenities, and make online reservations without the usual hassles of calling and driving to each facility to find a unit.


            Whether you’re moving to Santa Clara for work, school, or play, finding the ideal storage unit in Santa Clara is easy with’s search features.

            Relocating and Moving to Santa Clara

            Located 45 miles southeast of San Francisco, Santa Clara has plenty to offer both permanent and temporary residents. In addition to the convenient access to its more famous neighbor, the city offers a warm and sunny climate with temperatures rarely dipping below freezing. A stable economy and various means of recreation make Santa Clara a fun place to live.

            Several popular companies have their headquarters located in Santa Clara, including Intel Corporation and security software giant McAfee. Among the city's top employers are companies such as Applied Materials, Texas Instruments, and EMC Corporation. Education also creates a lot of jobs in the area, with Santa Clara University employing more than 1,800 people. As for entertainment, there are many venues: Santa Clara Convention Center, Pier 39, California’s Great America amusement park, and the Computer History Museum, just to name a few.

            Moving to a new city—especially one as big and beautiful as Santa Clara—is exciting, but you should keep in mind that relocating can be stressful. With all of the responsibilities that go along with relocating, get everything arranged before you need to move. However, if you rent a Santa Clara self storage unit, you can keep your possessions in a secure location until you have enough time to find a new place to live, finish paperwork, and move in.

            Storage amenities for relocating:

            • Drive-Up Access: To avoid straining yourself, you should look for ways to reduce the stresses of transporting items from your truck to your storage unit. The best way to do this is to rent a Santa Clara storage unit with drive-up access. With this storage amenity, you can drive up to your unit and load/unload in front of it. This will save you a great deal of time and effort when moving in and out of your storage unit.
            • Short-Term Rental Agreements: If things go according to plan, you should only need your storage unit for a few weeks. Why pay a year-long lease when you only need it for a fraction of that time? Look for a Santa Clara storage facility that offers short-term rental agreements, so you can renew your lease on a weekly or monthly basis.
            • Advanced Security Features: Since you will probably be storing the majority of your possessions, ensure their protection during your absence by renting from a Santa Clara storage facility with advanced security features. Good amenities include video surveillance systems, on-site management, gated entry to the facility, and alarmed units.

            Storage for College Students in Santa Clara

            A major local employer, Santa Clara University is also the oldest operating institution of higher education in the state of California. Other local schools include Mission College, Henley-Putnam University, and Golden State Baptist College. With such great institutes in the area, getting an education in Santa Clara is achievable with perseverance and hard work.

            If you’re attending school from out of town, it may be a big effort to move all of your college possessions home over summer break. This is where self storage in Santa Clara comes in handy. Rather than moving everything home, many students rent a storage unit in Santa Clara and store their college furnishings, seasonal clothing, school supplies, and other items they won’t need until the fall.

            Many students enjoy using Santa Clara self storage for a few months in the summer as an economical and convenient alternative to moving everything home. What’s more: if your roommates also need to store some items, they can share your unit and you can split the rent.

            Storage amenities for college students:

            • Location Proximity: In order to save time in your busy college schedule, consider renting from a unit that is located close to your campus. Then your belongings will be nearby when you return to school in August, and it will be easier to transport items to and from your dorm room or apartment and your storage unit.
            • Short-Term Rental Agreements: If you only plan to use your storage unit over the summer, look for a Santa Clara storage facility that offers flexible, short-term leases. That way you won’t have to pay for storage longer than you will use it.
            • Climate Control: That wonderful California weather is not so kind to temperature-sensitive items such as paper documents and electronics—which you will probably need for school! Safely preserve these and other delicate belongings by renting a self storage unit in Santa Clara with climate control. This will keep the temperature between 55–85°F. Climate control also allows the facility to maintain low humidity levels to prevent other hazards such as condensation, mold, and mildew.

            Storage for Small Businesses

            As a steadily growing community, Santa Clara is a great place for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. Obtaining success requires time, and it usually means starting out with small offices and very few employees. In those first few years, you’ll want to save space by moving additional assets—and maybe even some inventory—into another, more affordable locale. Rent a Santa Clara self storage unit to provide your business with more space for document, inventory, or equipment storage. There are many ways having a storage unit can be of use to small businesses.

            Storage amenities for small businesses:

            • Business Amenities: Did you know that some self storage operators even have amenities designed to help commercial tenants? In-unit electricity, lighting, and shelving is great for tenants who need to store inventory or plug in computers or other power equipment. With these amenities, it is possible to track your stored inventory digitally or even use your storage unit as a second office—and for a much cheaper price than leasing out another office suite.
            • Advanced Security Features: All of your commercial assets are fundamental to achieving success as a business, so you’ll naturally want to ensure they are guarded from theft, vandalism, and even competitors! For these reasons, make sure your Santa Clara storage provider offers amenities such as video surveillance, on-site management, alarmed units, and a gated entrance to the facility.
            • Climate Control: Commercial tenants will definitely want to invest in climate-controlled storage. This is important to properly preserve business assets and inventory.

            Storing Recreational Equipment

            If you’re looking for a fun time, the city of Santa Clara will not disappoint! Santa Clara features several parks, lakes, hiking and biking trails, public ball fields, and swimming pools to give you the satisfying outdoor experience you want. Don't forget about the city’s Community Recreation Center, which is the go-to venue for activity-seeking people of all ages.

            Recreational equipment—whether it’s a simple set of tennis racquets and golf clubs or a full-fledged boat—can take up a lot of space in the home or garage. Not to mention you only need your equipment on occasion, not on an everyday basis. You can save space at home by moving your equipment into a Santa Clara storage unit. Now you can access these belongings when you need them and create more free space at home.

            Storage amenities to consider when storing recreational equipment:

            • Unit Size: Just how much space do you need when storing recreational equipment? It depends on what you're storing. Smaller items such as golf clubs, tennis racquets, and boxes of clothing can easily fit in a 5x5. For something larger such as an ATV, a 10x10 or larger will be needed. Use our storage size guide to help determine what size unit you will need.
            • RV/Boat Storage: Did you know many self storage facilities offer spaces and units, both indoor and outdoor, specifically designed for boats and RVs? Be sure to ask about Santa Clara RV/Boat Storage when looking for a place to store your toys.
            • Advanced Security Features: Odds are you paid a pretty penny for your recreational equipment, so protect your investment by choosing a storage operator who can provide advanced security features. On-site management, video surveillance, and gated entry are good precautions to have.


            Now that you know a few of the advantages to using self storage in Santa Clara, it’s time to search for and reserve a unit. Remember: you can research and rent a Santa Clara storage unit on without even picking up the phone. If you have any questions, feel free to call in and speak to a storage representative.