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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Oceanside Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Extra Space Storage Facility at 3091 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA
3091 Oceanside Blvd,Oceanside,CA,92054
3091 Oceanside Blvd
Oceanside, CA 92054
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  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$52.00-$264.00(866) 500-1147
Extra Space Storage Facility at 4705 N River Rd, Oceanside, CA
4705 N River Rd,Oceanside,CA,92057
4705 N River Rd
Oceanside, CA 92057
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  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
$57.00-$261.00(866) 500-1147
Big Box Storage Facility at , Oceanside, CA
Oceanside, CA
  • Climate Controlled
Clutter- We Pick It Up, Store It and Bring It Back Facility at , Oceanside, CA
    Oceanside Self Storage Facility at 2121 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA
    2121 Oceanside Blvd,Oceanside,CA,92054
    2121 Oceanside Blvd
    Oceanside, CA 92054
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    • Climate Controlled
    starting at
    $104.00-$397.00(866) 500-1147
    Oceanside Storage Facility Facility at 2936 San Luis Rey Rd, Oceanside, CA
    2936 San Luis Rey Rd,Oceanside,CA,92054
    2936 San Luis Rey Rd
    Oceanside, CA 92054
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      starting at
      $55.00-$235.00(866) 500-1147
      Extra Space Storage Facility at 4567 Oceanside Blvd, Oceanside, CA
      4567 Oceanside Blvd,Oceanside,CA,92056
      4567 Oceanside Blvd
      Oceanside, CA 92056
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      • Auto/Boat/RV
      starting at
      $66.00-$356.00(866) 500-1147


      Finding Storage in Oceanside, CA has the answer to your storing needs in Oceanside, California. Our site helps you search, find, and rent storage within minutes. You can compare units based on size, location, price, and features. Whatever your storage needs, is here to help.


      Oceanside is a beautiful city that sits right on the California coastline. Whether you are moving to Oceanside for work, the military, or need a place to store your recreational equipment, a Oceanside self storage is a great option.

      Relocating to Oceanside

      With a near perfect climate year round, Oceanside attracts many visitors and new residents. Its stable economy provides many opportunities for new careers and advancement. Major employers in Oceanside include Genentech Pharmeceuticals, Te Connectivity, and Hydranautics. Camp Pendleton is just north of the city and provides many jobs for residents of Oceanside as well. Oceanside is only 35 miles north of San Diego and 16 miles south of Orange County making it a great place for commuters who want to live in a smaller community.

      It is always an exciting experience moving to a new city. However finding a new home can be overwhelming. Renting a storage unit in Oceanside can help east the transition by providing you a place to store your valuables while looking for a place to live. Store your belongings in a storage unit even after you find a new home so that you can take your time moving in.

      Storage features to consider:

      • Drive-up Access: Easily unload heavy equipment and furniture by driving your rental truck or car right up to your storage locker.
      • Short-term Rental Agreements: Search for facilities that offer weekly or monthly rental agreements so you don’t pay for storage longer than you need it.

      Living Downtown

      Downtown living in Oceanside is great because you are near all the fun. Stroll through the Farmer’s Market in the morning, then later spend the evening eating, shopping, and listening to live music at the Sunset Market. Spend a day at the beach and walking along Oceanside Pier, one of the longest wooden piers on the western U.S. coastline. Stop by Tin Fish Seafood Restaurant or Ruby’s Diner for some local favorites. With beautiful weather year round, different events and competitions take place in Oceanside, so there is no shortage of entertainment.

      While living downtown can be very fun, it might mean that you do not have as much space in your apartment. Keeping your belongings in an Oceanside storage locker allows you to keep your apartment uncluttered and more comfortable to live in.

      Storage features to consider:

      • Location: Find a storage unit near your apartment downtown so that you can easily get in and grab your belongings when you need them.
      • Unit Size: A 5x5 unit is perfect for storing additional furniture like a dresser, side table, and a few boxes. For more room, consider a bigger storage unit.

      Military Storage

      Oceanside sits directly south of the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. Camp Pendleton is the largest West Coast military training facility, sitting on approximately 125,000 acres of land, and providing training for active and reserve Marine, Army, and Navy units, along with some state and federal units. The base has a daytime population of over 75,000 military and civilian personnel, but houses only 38,000, with the rest residing in neighboring cities like Oceanside.

      Whether you are relocating to Oceanside to work, live, or serve at Camp Pendleton, a storage locker in Oceanside can help store your extra belongings. Renting a storage unit in Oceanside can give you the freedom to focus on your work or training while still having your car, personal belongings, and recreational equipment available to you.

      Storage features to consider:

      • Security features: Storage units are available with unit alarms, gated access, and video surveillance. Search for storage facilities with additional security features so you don’t have to worry about your belongings while training on base or deployed.
      • Military Discounts: Search for storage facilities that offer discounts to military personnel to find the best price for storing your valuables.

      Recreational Storage

      Oceanside’s beautiful climate provides residents a great excuse to stay active year round. With over 30 city parks, there is plenty of room for you to play baseball and soccer with friends. The San Luis River Trail and Oak Riparian Park Trail provide great scenic routes for walking, running or biking through Southern California, and if you want to cool down, head over to the 3.5 miles of public beach bordering Oceanside. Take a boat out to fish and whale watch, then return to shore and spend the day surfing or kayaking. While staying active is a great way to live, finding a place to store all you recreational equipment can be difficult. Renting a storage unit gives you a place to store your big equipment safely until you are ready to pull it out for another adventure.

      Storage features to consider:

      • Proximity: Find a storage unit close to your favorite park or beach so that you can quickly grab your gear and head out into the sun.
      • 24-Hour Access: You never know when your next urge for adventure will strike. Search for storage units with 24-hour access so that you can get into your storage unit as early or late as you need.

      Vehicle Storage

      Oceanside vehicle storage is a great option if you are living at Camp Pendleton or downtown. Keeping your car in storage can help keep it safe from the weather and theft. It is also a great option for those traveling or working overseas because you can store your car, motorcycle, boat, or RV, and be confident that it will be kept safe while you are away.

      Options for vehicle storage:

      • Outdoor Storage: This is the most affordable option, but provides no protection from the elements.
      • Covered Storage: This option is a little more expensive, but provides some protection from the weather.
      • Indoor Storage: Although the most expensive, indoor storage provides complete protection from the weather.


      Thank you for visiting for your Oceanside storage needs. Rent your unit right here online or call in to speak to a representative.