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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Huntsville Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Extra Space Storage Facility at 315 Oakwood Ave NE, Huntsville, AL
315 Oakwood Ave NE
Huntsville, AL 35811
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1.43 mi
    starting at
    Public Storage Facility at 3052 Leeman Ferry Road SW, Huntsville, AL
    3052 Leeman Ferry Road SW
    Huntsville, AL 35801
    Icon for Google Maps marker
    1.89 mi
      starting at
      Life Storage Facility at 7015 Highway 72 West, Huntsville, AL
      7015 Highway 72 West
      Huntsville, AL 35806
      Icon for Google Maps marker
      7.20 mi
      • Climate Controlled
      • Climate Controlled
      • Drive-up Access
      • Auto/Boat/RV
      starting at
      CubeSmart Self Storage Facility at 11580 Memorial Parkway Southwest, Huntsville, AL
      11580 Memorial Parkway Southwest
      Huntsville, AL 35803
      Icon for Google Maps marker
      7.83 mi
        starting at
        Extra Space Storage Facility at 3060 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Huntsville, AL
        3060 Leeman Ferry Rd SW
        Huntsville, AL 35801
        Icon for Google Maps marker
        2.03 mi
        • Climate Controlled
        • Auto/Boat/RV
        starting at
        Public Storage Facility at 2902 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville, AL
        2902 Drake Ave SW
        Huntsville, AL 35805
        Icon for Google Maps marker
        2.36 mi
          starting at
          Public Storage Facility at 1224 Old Monrovia Road, Huntsville, AL
          1224 Old Monrovia Road
          Huntsville, AL 35806
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          5.04 mi
            starting at
            Life Storage Facility at 11607 S Memorial Pkwy, Huntsville, AL
            11607 S Memorial Pkwy
            Huntsville, AL 35803
            Icon for Google Maps marker
            7.81 mi
            • Climate Controlled
            • Climate Controlled
            • Drive-up Access
            • Auto/Boat/RV
            starting at
            Extra Space Storage Facility at 2062 Blake Bottom Rd NW, Huntsville, AL
            2062 Blake Bottom Rd NW
            Huntsville, AL 35806
            Icon for Google Maps marker
            8.15 mi
            • Auto/Boat/RV
            starting at
            Extra Space Storage Facility at 700 Martin Rd SW, Huntsville, AL
            700 Martin Rd SW
            Huntsville, AL 35824
            Icon for Google Maps marker
            10.66 mi
            • Climate Controlled
            • Auto/Boat/RV
            starting at


            Finding Storage in Huntsville, AL

            Looking for self storage in Huntsville, AL? Well, consider your search over. is here to help by providing you the means to search, compare, and rent a Huntsville storage unit. We give you information to find the solution for your specific needs by letting you see facilities based on location, features, unit size, and price. Plus, once you've found that perfect unit, you can rent it directly from!


            It doesn't matter if you're moving to Huntsville, attending school at one of the city's universities, serve at nearby Redstone Arsenal, or simply just want to expand your living space while staying on a budget, a storage unit in Huntsville can help you with any storage needs you may have.

            Moving to Huntsville

            As one of the largest city's in Alabama, Huntsville sits near the center of the state's northern region as the seat of Madison County. The city goes by the name "The Rocket City" because of its close connection with U.S. aerospace and military technology, which you can't help but notice when you pass the Saturn V replica at the US Space and Rocket Center.

            In fact, aerospace technology is one of the main industries in Huntsville. If you're moving to the area to work at Cummings Research Park, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center or Redstone Arsenal, it's going to be an exciting time in your career as you work among industry leaders. However, the move itself may not be as exciting.

            It's common to relocate for employment before having permanent living arranged made. And while you may stay in a hotel or with friends, you're likely to have no space for all your belongings. Enter Huntsville self storage. By renting a storage unit in Huntsville, you can keep all your things in one secure location while you hunt for your new home.

            Storage Amenities for Moving

            • Drive-Up Access: Be sure to rent from a Huntsville storage facility that offers the drive-up access feature, which allows you to drive your truck or trailer directly to your unit for easy unloading and loading, saving you time and work best allocated to finding a place to live.
            • Security: As you're storing all your things, it's natural to have concern about the safety of your belongings during their stay in storage. Many Huntsville storage facilities offer strong security features such as gated access, video surveillance, and even on-site management to deter any theft or vandalism.
            • Short-Term Rental Agreements: Your hunt for a home shouldn't take more than a couple weeks, so be sure to find storage facilities in Huntsville that offer short-term rental agreements. This way, you pay for only the time you need.

            Living in Historic Downtown Huntsville

            Downtown Huntsville is a combination of historic charm and modern innovation, giving residents a place to live, work, and play all within their own neighborhood. For instance, living in the Twickenham, Old Town, or Five Points districts keeps you close to growing tech companies like API Digital and Solid Earth, the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, and the Huntsville Museum of Art. You also can't forget that Huntsville is the Craft Beer Capital of the South, and you can see this for yourself at one of three breweries downtown.

            But living next to all of this comes at a cost, which leaves many apartment renters paying more rent for less space. If you want to get into the area, this can leave you either shelling out more rent each month for enough room for all your things or facing the tough choice of downsizing your belongings. Thankfully, Huntsville self storage provides an alternative.

            Using a storage facility in Downtown Huntsville allows you the additional room you need to store non-essential items such as a bicycle, seasonal clothing and decorations, or recreational gear.

            Considerations for Storing Downtown

            • Climate Control: As Huntsville sees the weather of all four seasons, it's important to be mindful of what your storing. Sensitive items like wooden furniture or electronics can warp and crack when exposed to fluctuating temperatures over the year. A climate-controlled storage unit in Huntsville maintains a constant temperature to prevent any weather damage.
            • Location: If you know you may need convenient access to items placed in storage, it's important to find a storage facility in Huntsville that is close to downtown. By having proximity to your unit, you can avoid making frequent trips across town.
            • 24-Hour Access: Convenient access sometimes goes beyond having your Huntsville storage unit close at hand. If you have a hectic work schedule or never know when you may need items in storage, find a storage facility in Huntsville that offers 24-hour access to get to your things when you need them.

            Attending College in Huntsville

            The Rocket City is home to a number of universities such as Alabama A&M University, Oakwood University, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville. If you're one of the more than 14,000 college students living in dorms, residence halls, or apartments in the area, you may be from out of town.

            Being from out of town, you know heading home for summer break can be a stressful as you stuff your car with all the clothes, decorations, and even furniture from your room into your car—especially since you have to repeat the process in a couple months. Instead of making a risky drive home with a crowded car, find a Huntsville storage facility near your campus.

            By finding a storage unit in Huntsville, you can store the larger or unneeded items nearby instead of overfilling your car. Then, when the summer break is over, you can visit your storage unit on your way back to campus to pick up your things!

            College Students and Storage

            • Unit Size: A 10x10 storage unit in Huntsville should be enough to store the contents of a medium-sized living room, which gives you plenty of room if storing dorm room furniture such as a bed, futon, dressers, or even mini fridges. Should you need more space, we recommend going in with a roommate to get more space while splitting the cost.
            • Month-to-Month Leasing: Most summer breaks only last a couple months, so why get caught in a long term contract? Many Huntsville storage facilities offer month-to-month leasing, so you'll only have to pay for those months you'll be storing your dorm items.
            • Climate Control: Huntsville summers can get humid, which means if you're storing paper items, electronics, or even clothes, your belongings could be damaged by the moisture. Find a Huntsville storage facility that offers climate control to maintain your belongings in a steady humidity range to prevent and mold or mildew growth due to the moisture.

            Military Storage in Huntsville

            Adjacent to the Rocket City is the Redstone Arsenal, a military installation that covers more than 38,000 acres and employs more than 35,000 active duty, government civilians, and contractor employees. It is home to the U.S. Army Materiel Command, Tactical UAV Project Office, the Missile Defense Agency, the U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command and many other operations.

            If you're one of the many military members who live in the Redstone Arsenal Residential Zone, you may be living in typically smaller military housing. Additionally, there's a chance you may be sent out to serve out of town for months at a time. Again, Huntsville self storage is here to help.

            By using military storage in Huntsville, you can expand your living space in the Residential Zone by storing non-essentials as well as keep your things protected should you be on long-term deployment.

            Amenities for Military Storage

            • Vehicle Storage: When deployed, you won't be using your vehicle. Rather than leave it parked somewhere on base or selling it, use Huntsville vehicle storage. Many facilities offer designated parking to keep your car in a secure location while you're away. You can even find indoor or covered units for further protection from the elements.
            • Security: When using Huntsville self storage while on deployment, worrying about the security of your belongings should be the last thing on your mind. Find a storage facility in Huntsville that offers strong security amenities such as video surveillance, individually-alarmed units, and on-site management to keep your things protected.
            • Climate Control: When using long-term self storage in Huntsville, consider finding a storage facility that offers climate control. With seasonal weather and humidity levels, sensitive materials such as wood, paper, and plastics can be warped, faded, or cracked in the fluctuating conditions throughout the year. The climate control feature maintains a constant environment to keep your items in safe condition.


            Thanks for using to find your next Huntsville storage unit! If you've found exactly what you need for your storage, you can rent your unit right here! Should you have any questions, please feel free to call in to one of our storage representatives, and they'll be happy to provide any further assistant you may need.