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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $300/mo
Max Distance from City Center
Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

Finding Storage in Denver, CO

Welcome to the Denver self storage directory on! Whether you're looking for storage in zip code 80223, 80229, 80214, or 80210, is your one-stop shop to finding the right storage solution.

Visiting multiple websites to find the best storage unit for you is inconvenient, slow, and frustrating. Here at, you can find, compare, and rent all in one place. Not only will it save you time, but you will also find the storage solution that's perfect for your needs with no hassle!

Affordable Storage

In order to find affordable storage facilities in Denver, assess what you're looking to store, which area of Denver you want to store it in, how often you'll need access to your items, and whether you'll need special amenities, like climate control or vehicle storage. All of these will make a difference in how much you pay for a storage unit.

Location and unit size are the biggest factors in storage unit pricing. For example: A Denver storage facility in the downtown area will typically have units that cost more than a storage facility on the outskirts of the city. That's because there's higher demand for storage units in Downtown Denver. As for unit size, the least expensive is obviously the smallest, which is a 5x5 unit. With larger sizes, like a 10x30, you're looking at a higher monthly rent. This is why it's important to consider what you're storing and how often you'll need to access your unit. 

Let's say you're a downtown business owner using Denver mini storage to store inventory. You'll probably be okay with paying a little more in storage rent for a convenient facility—maybe one that's close to your business location in the downtown area that offers 24-hour access. But if you're a homeowner just clearing a few things out of the garage that you won't need frequent access to, you'd be better off finding a more affordable unit farther away.

Storage is more affordable than you might think—and with, you can find the storage price that fits your budget simply by using the adjustable price sliders. Also, you can find web-only deals that you won't find anywhere else!

Picking the Right Unit Size

Trying to find the right unit size for your needs can be tough, especially if it's your first time using Denver self storage. If you're just cleaning some of clutter out of your home, perhaps look for a smaller unit, such as a 5x5, which is roughly the size of a closet. If you're in between homes during a move and need somewhere to house all of your possessions, however, you may need a larger 10x20 or 10x30 unit to best fit all your belongings.

If you're still unsure what storage unit size you should get, can help! With our interactive size guide, you can see helpful illustrations that describe what types of items can typically fit in common unit sizes. If that doesn't help, you can always call in to speak with one of our storage representatives, who'd be happy to assist you with any questions about your sizing needs.

Denver Vehicle Storage

Storing a vehicle has become popular over the past decade. Classic cars, motorcycles, RVs, boats, and countless other vehicles have started to find their way into storage facility specialty lots.

Denver vehicle storage primarily offers a safe place for you to keep your vehicle. While keeping a car at home in your garage or driveway is nothing to worry about, a classic car, motorcycle, RV, or boat is a bit more of an investment—one that you don't want getting damaged when it's not in use. Not to mention, some of these vehicles can take up a lot of valuable space in your garage or driveway. That's where keeping your vehicle at a Denver storage facility can help.

For larger vehicles like boats, facilities will often have a few options for storage: indoor, outdoor, and covered. While outdoor vehicle storage is much more affordable, indoor vehicle storage provides more protection from the weather. This is especially useful in the winter months when your boat's cover could get damaged by heavy snow.

Another advantage that vehicle storage offers is security. While safety of your vehicle is important in terms of damage, the risk of theft may be more of a concern for you. If additional security with vehicle storage is important to you, look for Denver storage facilities offering security amenities like gated access, video surveillance, or on-site management.

Storage for Recreational Equipment

Known as the gateway to the Rocky Mountains, Denver has so much to offer in terms of outdoor activities—skiing, snowboarding, camping, biking, and hiking. 

While many Denver residents enjoy these outdoor hobbies, the equipment that they require can take up a lot of space in your home or garage. Fortunately, you can take back that space by keeping equipment in Denver mini storage. To make things easier, you can even find units close to your favorite outdoor location to make picking up and dropping off your things that much easier while you're enjoying the outdoors.

Storage for College Students

Storage is very popular for college students at University of Colorado-Denver, Colorado State University, and University of Denver, especially when they're moving out of their dorms for the summer.

By using a Denver storage unit, students who aren't from Denver—particularly those who are from out of state—can keep all of their dorm room belongings near campus while they're on summer break. That way, they don't have to pack their car to drive everything home just to bring it back to school in the fall.

Once school is in session, however, students who live in the close-quarters of dorms or residence halls can still benefit from Denver mini storage, as it allows them to store seasonal items to enjoy more living space in their room. Two college students can even pay for a larger storage unit together to get more space at a cheaper price.

Rent a Denver Storage Unit with

When it comes to making more room around your home, we know there are a lot of choices out there. With the help of's directory listings, we want to make the decision fast and easy. No matter what you're looking for, whether it's vehicle storage, special amenities, month-to-month leasing, or just a place to keep the extra things around your home, self storage shouldn't be a hassle.

If you're ready to rent a storage unit in Denver, you can reserve directly online through the facility's homepage. Should you prefer to make your reservation over the phone or have any questions about storage, please call in to speak with one of our storage representatives, who'd be happy to help in any way.

Thanks for using in your search for a Denver storage facility!

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Denver Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
StorQuest Self Storage Facility at 5200 E. Evans Avenue, Denver, CO
5200 E. Evans Avenue
Denver, CO 80222
(866) 500-1147

5.89 mi
  • Climate Controlled
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 1699 South Broadway, Denver, CO
1699 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80210
(877) 874-1059

4.01 mi
  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 2997 Ulster St #103, Denver, CO
2997 Ulster St #103
Denver, CO 80238
(877) 874-1059

5.58 mi
  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 7581 E Academy Blvd, Denver, CO
7581 E Academy Blvd
Denver, CO 80230
(877) 874-1059

5.59 mi
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 11855 E 40th Ave, Denver, CO
11855 E 40th Ave
Denver, CO 80239
(877) 874-1059

8.09 mi
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 664 Thornton Pkwy, Denver, CO
664 Thornton Pkwy
Denver, CO 80260
(877) 874-1059

8.34 mi
  • Drive-up Access
  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 2950 W 96th Ave, Denver, CO
2950 W 96th Ave
Denver, CO 80260
(877) 874-1059

8.85 mi
  • Drive-up Access
starting at
Extra Space Storage Facility at 15200 E 53rd Ave, Denver, CO
15200 E 53rd Ave
Denver, CO 80239
(877) 874-1059

10.43 mi
  • Drive-up Access
starting at