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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

Finding Storage in Jacksonville, FL can help you find self storage in Jacksonville, FL to fit all of your storage needs. Our site is your one-stop shop for finding, comparing, and renting storage. You can even filter your search for location, price, unit size, and special amenities. Whether you're moving and need somewhere to keep your belongings while you're between homes, or you're just trying to clear out some items from your current home, is here to help.


Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida in terms of population and the largest city in the United States by land area. Known as a popular tourist city, Jacksonville's economy is also supported by the banking, healthcare, and logistics industries. As a result, more and more people move to Jacksonville each year. Some move for job opportunities while others decide to relocate to enjoy the coastal lifestyle that Jacksonville offers.

Whether you already live in Jacksonville or are planning to move there to start a new career, you may run into a situation where you could benefit from self storage. Using mini storage in Jacksonville can help you maximize the space in your home and stay organized. Check out the variety of ways people use their Jacksonville storage units below.

Relocating to Jacksonville

Jacksonville enjoys a strong local economy as a transportation hub and home to several Fortune 500 companies. With companies like CSX Corporation and Fidelity National Financial headquartered in Jacksonville and large companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and EverBank maintaining offices in the city, many people decide to start a career here. However, when moving for a new job, it can be difficult to line up moving dates, lease agreements, and closing paperwork for properties. To help with the transition, you can rent a Jacksonville storage unit to store all of your belongings while you complete the search for your new home.

Self storage features to consider while relocating to Jacksonville:

  • Facility Security: Since all of your belongings will be in your storage unit, you'll want to know that they will be protected from theft. Most Jacksonville storage facilities provide basic security features like gated access or unit locks. Some facilities provide advanced security features like video surveillance, alarmed units, or on-site management.
  • Climate Control: Jacksonville is hot and humid much of the year, which can be damaging to sensitive items, like electronics, antiques, clothing, books, and photos. You may want to rent a climate-controlled storage unit in Jacksonville if you have sensitive items you want to protect.
  • Drive-Up Access: Drive-up access makes it easy to load everything into your storage unit directly off a moving truck and then move it back out again. When moving large, heavy items like appliances or bulky furniture, a unit with drive-up access is a good choice.

Moving from One Home to Another

People move from one apartment or home to the next for a variety of reasons. Maybe you're upgrading your residence, or perhaps you want to be closer to work or the beach. Whatever your reason, you may end up moving from East Arlington to downtown or from Springfield to Deerwood. When moving, a storage unit can help fill the sometimes unavoidable gaps where you're between leases or move-in dates, giving you a place to store all of your belongings.

Self storage features to consider when between homes:

  • Short-Term Contract: Since you'll likely be using the storage unit for a short period of time, you'll want to find a storage facility that offers a short-term, flexible contract to avoid paying for storage longer than you will use it.
  • Drive-Up Access: With drive-up access, you can pull a moving truck right up to the door of your storage unit, making the loading and unloading process simple.
  • Facility Security: Since most of your belongings will be in your storage unit, you can feel reassured about their safety by choosing a storage facility with additional security features.

Storing Excess Belongings or Seasonal Items

One of the most common reasons people use self storage in Jacksonville is to store some of their belongings that aren't used year-round. This may include seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, or sports equipment. By renting a storage unit, you can get some rarely used (but still necessary) items out of your way and keep your home more neatly organized.

Self storage features to consider when storing seasonal or excess items:

  • Climate Control: A storage unit with climate control in Jacksonville is a good choice to protect any sensitive belongings from damage due to heat and humidity.
  • Facility Proximity: If you want to access your storage unit frequently, you may want to choose a location near your home.
  • Second-Level Unit: Storage units on upper levels are generally less expensive than first-floor units. If you aren't storing anything large or heavy, you could rent a second-level unit to reduce costs.

Living in Downtown Jacksonville

With great entertainment within walking distance and the scenic St. Johns River nearby, Downtown Jacksonville is the place to be for young adults and those who are young at heart. EverBank Field, the Riverwalk, and Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena host entertainment events throughout the year. However, downtown living spaces are typically smaller than those in other parts of town. That's why many residents use Downtown Jacksonville mini storage to offset the lack of space in their apartments and condos.

Self storage features to consider when living in Downtown Jacksonville:

  • Facility Proximity: You moved downtown so you could be closer to everything, so why shouldn't your storage unit be close by, too? Use our map feature at to find Downtown Jacksonville storage facilities near your home.
  • Facility Security: Downtown areas are more populated, and as a result, often more dangerous than other parts of the city. You'll want to find a facility with good security to protect your valuables. Look for storage facilities with gated access, alarmed units, video surveillance, or on-site management.
  • Climate Control: Avoid damage to belongings like antiques, clothes, electronics, or photos by renting a climate-controlled storage unit. Extreme heat and humidity can cause sensitive items to deteriorate, but climate control with keep the temperature between 55-85°F with reduced humidity.

College Student Storage in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is home to several colleges, including University of North Florida, Jacksonville University, and The Art Institute of Jacksonville, among others. Many students come from out of town to attend the college of their choice. Instead of taking all of their belongings home over the summer break, they can choose to rent a Jacksonville storage locker near their respective campus. That way, the trip home and moving back next year will be hassle-free.

Self storage tips for college students in Jacksonville:

  • Rent a storage unit that's close to campus to make moving as easy as possible.
  • Look for storage facilities that offer a free moving truck with unit rental.
  • Share a storage unit with a classmate in order to cut costs. Most students moving from a dorm room only need a 5x5 or 5x10 unit, but you can get more space by sharing with a friend.

Small Business Storage in Jacksonville

Like many large cities, Jacksonville is a popular location for people to start their own small businesses. In the beginning stages of a business, owners are usually worried about two things: space and money. With the help of self storage, Jacksonville small business owners can expand their space while staying within their budget. Instead of moving to a new office, a small business can use a storage unit to hold excess office equipment and inventory.

Features to consider for small business storage:

  • Access Hours: For a small business operator, time is money. You don't want to have to deal with limited access hours if it affects your bottom line. You may want to choose a storage facility with extended hours so it remains convenient for your business activities.
  • Climate Control: The heat and humidity of Jacksonville can easily destroy many office supplies like electronics, paper, or inventory. Protect your assets with a climate-controlled storage unit.
  • Drive-Up Access: If you're storing large equipment for your business, drive-up access may be the most convenient choice to easily load in and load out the gear, tools, or vehicles you need to use.
  • Business Center: Some storage facilities include a business center with amenities like a conference room, Wi-Fi, or electrical outlets inside units to help you conduct business, such as inventory tracking while at the facility.

Military Service Storage

Jacksonville is a major military and naval city due to its location near the Atlantic Ocean and along the St. Johns River. Home to several military and naval bases, including Naval Station Mayport, Blount Island Command, Naval Air Station Jacksonville, and also Naval Hospital Jacksonville, there are many active duty military personnel that call Jacksonville their home. For those who serve, self storage can be a valuable asset for expanding on their living quarters or as a way to store belongings while deployed.

Self storage features to consider when serving in the military:

  • Facility Security: Your base and community are secure, and you'll want your storage unit to be secure as well. In addition to basic security features like unit locks and gated access, some storage facilities offer additional features like video surveillance, alarmed units, or on-site management.
  • Climate Control: When storing things for long periods of time in Florida, you'll want to choose a climate-controlled unit. Extreme heat and humidity can damage sensitive items, but climate control will eliminate these problems by maintaining temperatures between 55-85°F and low humidity in your storage locker.
  • Vehicle Storage: It's common for military members to store their cars while they're away on a tour of duty, and self storage can be an inexpensive and secure solution. Decide if you want indoor, outdoor, or covered storage for your vehicle.


If you've found the storage unit to suit your needs, you can reserve it directly online with, or call in to speak with one of our storage representatives. Thank you for visiting!

Select a Jacksonville storage facility:

Jacksonville Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Southside Mini Storage Facility at 3700 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL
3700 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32216
(866) 500-1147

6.53 mi
    starting at
    Jax Boat RV Storage Facility at 607 St Johns Bluff Road North, Jacksonville, FL
    607 St Johns Bluff Road North
    Jacksonville, FL 32225
    (866) 500-1147

    7.88 mi
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    Mandarin Self Storage of San Jose Facility at 10601 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL
    10601 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (866) 500-1147

    9.98 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    starting at
    Mandarin Self Storage of Shad Rd. Facility at 5509 Shad Rd, Jacksonville, FL
    5509 Shad Rd
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (866) 500-1147

    10.36 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    starting at
    iStorage Mandarin Loretto Facility at 2951 Loretto Road, Jacksonville, FL
    2951 Loretto Road
    Jacksonville, FL 32223
    (866) 500-1147

    11.52 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    starting at
    Uncle Bob
    1515 Manotak Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    (866) 500-1147

    6.40 mi
    • Drive-up Access
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    Uncle Bob
    7657 103rd St
    Jacksonville, FL 32210
    (866) 500-1147

    8.98 mi
    • Drive-up Access
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    Uncle Bob
    9914 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    (866) 500-1147

    9.23 mi
    • Drive-up Access
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at