Two people riding a snowmobile

Self Storage for Snowmobiles

When winter finally gives way to spring, it’ll be time to put away all of your winter gear and equipment. For some people that seasonal winter equipment includes a snowmobile that they use throughout the winter, either for sport or out of necessity.

Storing large seasonal items like a snowmobile can be difficult for most people, especially when garage space is already limited, so many snowmobile owners opt to use self storage as an easier option that helps maximize space at home.

Choosing an Appropriate Storage Unit Size

The first step for storing your snowmobile in a storage unit is to find the appropriate unit size for your winter vehicle. With plenty of sizes to choose from at most facilities, it shouldn’t be difficult to find what you’re looking for. Here are a few tips on storage size when storing a snowmobile:

  • A 5x5 storage unit can be large enough for some snowmobiles, but larger models may require a storage unit that is at least 5x10.
  • Make sure to measure your snowmobile prior to renting a storage unit, so you know the exact amount of space you need.
  • Take into consideration how you’ll be using the storage unit as well. If you’re only storing the snowmobile, you can get away with a smaller storage unit. But if you plan on storing other items along with it, you’ll want to opt for a larger storage unit.

Recommended Amenities

You’ll also want to consider specific unit amenities when searching for the right storage unit for your snowmobile. With all of the options, it helps to know which ones are actually necessary to keep your snowmobile safe and in good condition.

  • For easy storage, you’ll absolutely want to get a storage unit with drive-up access. That way you can load your snowmobile straight into the storage unit from your trailer.
  • If you plan on storing the battery in your storage unit with the snowmobile, you’ll want to consider getting climate-controlled storage so it won’t get damaged during the summer.
  • Another amenity that you’ll want to find is some form of advanced security so you can rest easy knowing your snowmobile is safe. Security features range anywhere from video surveillance and on-site management to alarmed units.

Proper Preparation

In order to ensure that your snowmobile stays in top shape, you’ll need to perform some routine maintenance prior to long-term storage. Skipping this important step could lead to corrosion, rust, or other serious damage. Some of the fundamental storage preparations include:

  • Cleaning your jet ski and making sure it’s nice and dry before placing into storage.
  • Filling your jet ski’s gas tank up and adding a fuel stabilizer to minimize moisture and corrosion in the engine.
  • Fogging the engine with some fogging spray to ensure the engine is thoroughly coated with lubricant.
  • Removing the drive belt and greasing the chassis.
  • Removing the battery and placing it on a battery tender.

Things to Consider

  • Instead of keeping the battery in storage with your snowmobile, you can keep it at home to make sure it’s stored at a safe temperature. Also, keep it on a trickle charger.
  • The winter months are typically slow in the self storage industry, so you can save a few bucks by securing your storage unit early rather than waiting for the busy spring season.