Portable Storage Units Outside

Portable Storage Solutions

One of the latest innovations in the storage industry is the creation of portable storage containers that can be delivered right to your doorstep. With these mobile storage units, you can simply load up all of the things you want to store and have the storage provider do the rest.

Using portable storage for moving

Convenient moving

One of the major benefits of using portable storage is that they make it very easy to move long distances. All you have to do is get a portable storage container dropped off in your driveway. Then, you load it up with all of your belongings and have the storage company transport it for you.

No moving truck needed

One of the more frustrating aspects of using self storage is that you may have to rent a moving truck to transfer larger items. It can be exhausting lifting heavy things into a truck and then having to unload them again. With a mobile storage unit, you have the luxury of loading your belongings into something at ground level.

Flexible timing

Timing is crucial in long distance moves, and portable storage gives you ultimate flexibility. If you need to wait a bit before you can move, you can have the storage company store your belongings at their facility. Then, once you have your new keys in hand, they can deliver your portable storage container to your new home.

Other uses for mobile storage

Home remodels

Portable storage containers are great for homeowners who are in the process of remodeling their homes. You can rent a portable storage unit and have it placed right in your driveway so you can get things out of the way for your re-model. A bonus is that all of your things are only a few steps away if you need them.

College breaks

For those who go out of state to attend college, it can be a pain moving all of your dorm belongings back home for the summer. With portable storage units, you can load up everything right outside of your dorm and then have the storage company store it until you return the following semester.

Portable vs Self storage

There's a reason why both forms of storage exist, and that's because they both have their strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your situation and what you plan on storing, you might find one is more beneficial than the other.

When to use portable storage

Portable storage containers have a major advantage when it comes to helping people move from one home to another, especially when that move is long distance. Whenever using a moving truck would make the process more difficult, consider using a mobile storage unit.

When to use self storage

Self storage is still better for storing excess items to make space in your home, garage, or office. If you're using it to expand space in your home, and can slowly add items when needed, then self storage is the cheaper and easier option.

Finding the right mobile storage container size

Just like self storage units, portable storage units come in a variety of sizes. So if you're planning on renting mobile storage, make sure you understand the size options from various storage companies. Not every company offers multiple sizes, but across the industry sizes can be found anywhere between 7 feet to 45 feet long.

  • Small (7-11 feet long) - Small portable storage containers are perfect for fitting the contents of a dorm room or holding the contents of a room during a remodel.
  • Medium (12-15 feet long) - Medium portable storage units are are ideal for storing the contents of several rooms and could be used for moving from a small apartment or home.
  • Large (16+ feet long) - Large mobile storage containers can be used to fit a large amount of items, which makes them ideal for moving an entire, multi-bedroom home.

Other factors to consider with mobile storage

  • Duration of Storage - Small portable storage containers are perfect for fitting the contents of a dorm room or holding the contents of a room during a remodel.
  • Neighborhood Covenants - If you plan on keeping your mobile storage container in your driveway for a while, like in the case of a remodel, you may want to check your neighborhood covenant. Some neighborhoods don't allow homeowners to keep portable storage units in their driveways for long periods of time.