A person mowing a lawn

Self Storage for Lawn Mowers

When temperatures start to drop and your lawn ceases to grow, you’ll need to put your lawn mower away for the upcoming winter. However, if you don’t have an abundance of space in your garage or shed, you may want to find a better solution for long-term storage.

Many people turn to self storage this time of year to store seasonal items that won’t be used at all during the winter. By using a storage unit for your lawn mower, you can free up some space in your garage for another car or winter gear.

Storage Size

Self storage facilities offer an array of storage unit sizes. Before you rent a storage unit for your lawn mower, take a moment to consider what storage unit size you’ll need. This will depend on the type of lawn mower you have and whether or not you’ll store other items with it.

  • 5x10: If you’re planning on using your storage unit solely for a standard push mower, a 5x5 storage unit should provide you plenty of space.
  • 5x10 or 10x10: If you’re storing a riding lawn mower or plan on using the storage unit to store additional seasonal items, then a larger unit should do the trick.

Storage Features

The storage industry gives you plenty of options when it comes to storage unit features. Advanced features like climate control, electricity, and drive-up access are all designed to improve your storage experience. When renting storage for your lawn mower, it’s helpful to know which features are most beneficial.

  • Drive-Up Access: Renting a storage unit with drive-up access will make storing your lawn mower a lot easier at the end of the summer. Simply unload your truck directly into your storage unit. If you have a riding lawn mower, drive-up access is a must.
  • Climate Control: It’s important to keep your lawn mower in a cool and dry environment. In places that experience hot summers, you’ll want to look into climate control to keep your storage unit from getting too hot, otherwise it could damage your lawn mower.

Prepping Your Mower

Before you put your lawn mower into storage for the winter, you’ll want to perform maintenance. By properly preparing your mower for storage, you can keep it in top shape for years to come. Here are a few of the basic tips for prepping your mower for storage:

  • Clean the Mower: Cleaning off leaves, grass, and mud from your mower is important in order to prevent issues with rust after long-term storage.
  • Remove or Stabilize Fuel: Leaving fuel in your tank for a long period of time is bad for the engine and can cause corrosion. Either run your mower dry or fill the tank completely and add a stabilizer to prevent moisture from condensing. If you add fuel stabilizer, be sure to run your mower for a few minutes so it can reach the carburetor.
  • Drain Carburetor: After you drain the fuel from your tank, you’ll also want to drain your carburetor so it doesn’t suffer from any corrosion either.
  • Disconnect the Battery: Remove your battery to prevent a loss of charge and store it in a cool, dry place. If you can, you may also want to place the battery on a trickle charger to ensure that it’s fully charged next year.
  • Change Oil: Used oil is full of contaminants, and you don’t want to let that sit in your mower’s engine for the entire winter. Change the oil before storing, and you’ll also get a jump-start on next spring’s tune-up, helping you get the mower running faster and easier.