Jet Skis lying on a sunny beach

Self Storage for Jet Skis

Once the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to put away your jet skis and other summer toys. When storing a jet ski for the winter, some owners prefer to store their watercraft indoors to avoid any potential damage from snow, ice, or frigid temperatures.

Whether you want to store your jet ski indoors or outdoors, it’s tough to find enough space at home. Self storage can be the perfect solution, allowing you to keep your space at home while still protecting your jet ski.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

If you want the protection of indoor storage, a 10x10 storage unit may be large enough for some jet ski trailers, but may not fit all. If you have a double trailer or larger, you may need to look into either a 10x15 or 10x20 storage unit. Make sure you know the dimensions of your jet ski trailer before you go searching for a storage unit.

If you live somewhere with mild winters or aren’t concerned about storing your jet skis indoors, you can find outdoor storage spots at affordable rates. While outdoor storage doesn’t have the same level of protection from the elements, you will still enjoy the security of storing inside a fenced facility.

Features to Consider

Storage facilities offer a lot of top-notch features these days, and some are perfect for those looking to store jet skis. If you want to store your jet ski indoors, you’ll need to find a storage unit with drive-up access so you can easily park your trailer inside.

Also, when storing something as valuable as a jet ski, you’ll want to know that your storage facility takes security seriously. Security features can include alarmed units, video surveillance, and on-site management. With great security, you’ll know that your jet ski is in good hands while in storage.

Importance of Location

With so many storage facilities available, you can choose a storage unit that’s close to your home or close to your favorite body of water. With one close to your favorite lake or bay, you can simply pick up your jet skis on the way there. Or you can choose a location that’s close to your favorite marine mechanic so you can get your jet skis serviced right before putting them into storage every year.

Proper Preparation

Most places around the country will experience a freeze at some point, which means you’ll need to winterize your jet ski prior to storage for the winter months. Failure to do so can result in damage due to frozen and expanded water, which can burst pipes and ruin engines. Winterizing can be boiled down to making sure your jet ski is completely drained of all water and may involve removing the battery so the cells don’t freeze. For more information on winterizing your jet ski, take a look at our helpful guide.