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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Cherry Hill Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
PODS-Moving & Storage Facility at , Cherry Hill, NJ
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0.64 mi
    starting at
    Extra Space Storage Facility at 1001 Church Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ
    1001 Church Rd
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
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    0.91 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    CubeSmart Self Storage Facility at 106 US Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ
    106 US Route 70 East
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    Icon for Google Maps marker
    1.88 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    • Climate Controlled
    • Drive-up Access
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    CubeSmart Self Storage Facility at 1820 Frontage Road, Cherry Hill, NJ
    1820 Frontage Road
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    Icon for Google Maps marker
    2.84 mi
    • Climate Controlled
    • Climate Controlled
    • Drive-up Access
    • Auto/Boat/RV
    starting at
    Public Storage Facility at 1861 Old Cuthbert Road, Cherry Hill, NJ
    1861 Old Cuthbert Road
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
    Icon for Google Maps marker
    3.22 mi
      starting at
      Extra Space Storage Facility at 25 Rockhill Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ
      25 Rockhill Rd
      Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
      Icon for Google Maps marker
      3.57 mi
      • Climate Controlled
      starting at
      Public Storage Facility at 6 Dobbs Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ
      6 Dobbs Lane
      Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
      Icon for Google Maps marker
      3.96 mi
        starting at


        Finding Storage in Cherry Hill, NJ

        Are you running out of space to store your belongings at home in Cherry Hill, NJ? If your closets and spare bedrooms are bursting at the seams, a self storage unit can give you the additional space you need. With, you can search our listings for the ideal storage unit in your area. You can directly compare facilities to find a storage unit with the right location, size, price, and features to fit your needs. And when you find the right storage unit, you can even reserve it right here online.


        Cherry Hill is the second-largest municipality in Camden County, New Jersey. Located about eight miles southeast of Philadelphia, Cherry Hill is home to over 70,000 people. The township of Cherry Hill has great public transportation to and from Downtown Philadelphia, making it a popular place to live for those who work in the city. But there is also plenty of opportunity within the township itself. Plus, with over 51 public parks, Cherry Hill is an excellent place to both work and play.

        Moving to Cherry Hill

        Cherry Hill is a popular township in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, and it's very common for people to live here and work in Philadelphia. But there are also many great career opportunities located directly in Cherry Hill, including large companies like Pinnacle Foods, Subaru of America, and TD Bank N.A. Whether you're working in the City of Brotherly Love, or within city limits, Cherry Hill is a wonderful place to advance your career and start a family. When moving to Cherry Hill, it can be really helpful to use a storage unit to store all of your larger belongings while temporarily in-between homes.

        Self storage features to consider when moving to Cherry Hill:

        • Short-Term Lease: Hopefully you won't be between homes for very long when moving to Cherry Hill. Either way, you'll likely only need a storage unit for a short period of time. Make sure you don't end up paying for a storage unit long after you're done using it by finding a facility that offers short-term leases.
        • Drive-Up Access: If you're going to be storing all of your household belongings, you'll want to make sure you have a storage unit with drive-up access. That will make loading and unloading large items like furniture and appliances a lot less strenuous.
        • Advanced Security: Since you'll have the majority of your belongings and valuables in a storage unit while between homes, you're going to want a storage unit that has the best possible security. Look for a facility that offers advanced security measures like individual unit alarms and video surveillance.

        Recreational Equipment Storage

        Folks in Cherry Hill, New Jersey love to be outdoors, and they have good reason to. The township has 51 public parks that are full of walking paths, tennis courts, basketball courts, athletic fields, and more. With so many great places to get outside and be active, many Cherry Hill residents have a solid collection of recreational equipment. Whether it's balls, sports apparel, golf clubs, or even larger equipment, it can sometimes be difficult finding enough space for all of your active gear. When a sport or recreational activity is out of season, many people put their equipment into a Cherry Hill storage unit to save space at home.

        Self storage features to consider when using storage for recreational equipment:

        • Location Proximity: When it comes to storing recreational gear, you'll want to have quick and easy access to it at all times. By finding a storage location close to your home, you can make a quick run to your storage unit to grab golf clubs, soccer goals, or anything else you need.
        • 24-Hour Access: Life doesn't revolve around a perfect schedule, so it pays to have the freedom to access your storage unit whenever you need to. If a round of golf lasts until the sun goes down, you don't want to be locked out of your storage unit. Finding a storage location with 24-hour access will allow you to access your storage unit whenever you need to.
        • Security Features: Some recreational equipment, like golf clubs, kayaks, climbing gear, can be fairly expensive. With such valuable equipment being placed in a storage unit, you'll want to know that it will be safe. Look for storage facilities with great security features like video surveillance or individual unit alarms.

        Vehicle Storage

        With all of the great public transportation around the Philadelphia metropolitan area, many people in Cherry Hill can live their daily lives without using their car. If you don't use your car on a daily basis, it may not be used for much more than taking up space in your driveway or garage. Take back that wasted space and use it however you like. Let the kids have room to play in the driveway or set up a workshop in the garage. However you wish to use your space, vehicle storage can give you the freedom to do so.

        There are generally three types of vehicle storage to choose from:

        • Outdoor: The most basic form of vehicle storage, outdoor storage is simply a parking spot within the storage facilities fenced property. This is the most affordable vehicle storage option, but it also provides the least amount of protection from the elements.
        • Covered: For a little more protection from the elements, you can choose covered vehicle storage. The awning covering your vehicle will protect it from heavy precipitation and the scorching summer sun.
        • Indoor: If you're storing a highly valuable car, you're going to want to make sure it has the most protection possible. With indoor vehicle storage, your car will be as protected as it would be in your own garage. Well out of the reach of nature and also well-protected from potential thieves.

        Seasonal Storage

        One of the main reasons people use self storage in Cherry Hills is for storing seasonal items. Things like holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and lawn equipment can take up a lot of space when stored at your home year round. Instead of letting these items take up all of that space at home, you can place them in a storage unit until they are needed again.

        Self storage features to consider when using seasonal storage:

        • Location Proximity: To make your storage experience as convenient as possible, you'll want to look for a storage facility that is fairly close to your home. That will make trips to grab seasonal items both quick and painless every time the season changes.
        • Climate Control: When storing seasonal items you may want to consider climate-controlled storage in Cherry Hill. Temperatures can get fairly hot over the summer and can easily damage many items while in storage. Protect your items from excessive heat with a climate-controlled storage unit.
        • Drive-Up Access: Seasonal items may include things like snow-blowers or lawn mowers, which can be difficult to move around. To make it easier on yourself, look for a storage unit with drive-up access so you can wheel those items right in.


        Thanks for visiting Not only can you search and compare all Cherry Hill storage units, but once you find the one you're looking for, you can even reserve it right here online. Or, if you prefer, you can give us a call to speak with one of our storage specialists to handle the reservation.