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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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St Louis Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Life Storage Facility at 6557 Manchester Ave, St Louis, MO
6557 Manchester Ave
St Louis, MO 63139
Icon for Google Maps marker
0.61 mi
  • Climate Controlled
  • Climate Controlled
  • Drive-up Access
  • Auto/Boat/RV
starting at
Public Storage Facility at 5801 Wilson Ave, St Louis, MO
5801 Wilson Ave
St Louis, MO 63110
Icon for Google Maps marker
1.38 mi
    starting at
    Extra Space Storage Facility at 4210 Forest Park Ave, St Louis, MO
    4210 Forest Park Ave
    St Louis, MO 63108
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    3.17 mi
      starting at
      PODS-Moving & Storage Facility at , St Louis, MO
      Icon for Google Maps marker
      5.83 mi
        starting at
        W-Ave Storage Facility at 1335 Convention Plz, St Louis, MO
        1335 Convention Plz
        St Louis, MO 63103
        Icon for Google Maps marker
        5.93 mi
        • Climate Controlled
        starting at
        Public Storage Facility at 3192 S Brentwood Blvd, St Louis, MO
        3192 S Brentwood Blvd
        St Louis, MO 63119
        Icon for Google Maps marker
        2.88 mi
          starting at
          Public Storage Facility at 11 N Vandeventer Ave, St Louis, MO
          11 N Vandeventer Ave
          St Louis, MO 63108
          Icon for Google Maps marker
          3.60 mi
            starting at
            Public Storage Facility at 8691 Olive Blvd, St Louis, MO
            8691 Olive Blvd
            St Louis, MO 63132
            Icon for Google Maps marker
            4.41 mi
              starting at
              Public Storage Facility at 9722 Gravois Road, St Louis, MO
              9722 Gravois Road
              St Louis, MO 63123
              Icon for Google Maps marker
              5.26 mi
                starting at
                Extra Space Storage Facility at 9825 Gravois Rd, St Louis, MO
                9825 Gravois Rd
                St Louis, MO 63123
                Icon for Google Maps marker
                5.27 mi
                • Climate Controlled
                starting at
                Public Storage Facility at 9030 Watson Road, St Louis, MO
                9030 Watson Road
                St Louis, MO 63126
                5.59 mi
                  starting at
                  Public Storage Facility at 1250 S 3rd Street, St Louis, MO
                  1250 S 3rd Street
                  St Louis, MO 63104
                  6.20 mi
                    starting at
                    Public Storage Facility at 3940 Reavis Barracks Rd, St Louis, MO
                    3940 Reavis Barracks Rd
                    St Louis, MO 63125
                    6.71 mi
                      starting at
                      Public Storage Facility at 1550 North Lindbergh Blvd, St Louis, MO
                      1550 North Lindbergh Blvd
                      St Louis, MO 63132
                      6.83 mi
                        starting at
                        Extra Space Storage Facility at 10300 Watson Rd, St Louis, MO
                        10300 Watson Rd
                        St Louis, MO 63127
                        7.06 mi
                        • Climate Controlled
                        starting at
                        Public Storage Facility at 4653 World Parkway Circle, St Louis, MO
                        4653 World Parkway Circle
                        St Louis, MO 63134
                        7.21 mi
                          starting at
                          Public Storage Facility at 9291 West Florissant Ave, St Louis, MO
                          9291 West Florissant Ave
                          St Louis, MO 63136
                          7.90 mi
                            starting at
                            Life Storage Facility at 3535 Lemay Ferry Rd, St Louis, MO
                            3535 Lemay Ferry Rd
                            St Louis, MO 63125
                            7.97 mi
                            • Climate Controlled
                            • Climate Controlled
                            • Drive-up Access
                            • Auto/Boat/RV
                            starting at
                            Public Storage Facility at 11580 Page Service Drive, St Louis, MO
                            11580 Page Service Drive
                            St Louis, MO 63146
                            8.16 mi
                              starting at
                              Extra Space Storage Facility at 9702 Halls Ferry Rd, St Louis, MO
                              9702 Halls Ferry Rd
                              St Louis, MO 63136
                              8.33 mi
                                starting at
                                Extra Space Storage Facility at 12334 Old Tesson Rd, St Louis, MO
                                12334 Old Tesson Rd
                                St Louis, MO 63128
                                8.68 mi
                                • Climate Controlled
                                • Auto/Boat/RV
                                starting at
                                Public Storage Facility at 3850 Forder Road, St Louis, MO
                                3850 Forder Road
                                St Louis, MO 63129
                                8.73 mi
                                  starting at
                                  Public Storage Facility at 11837 Benham Road, St Louis, MO
                                  11837 Benham Road
                                  St Louis, MO 63138
                                  11.84 mi
                                    starting at


                                    Finding Storage in St Louis, MO

                                    Are you looking for self storage in St. Louis, MO? can help you find, compare, and rent St. Louis storage units all at one site. With our listings, you can learn about facility locations, unit sizes, prices, and storage features. Once you've found the solution for your storage needs, you can rent it quickly and easily at

                                    COMMON REASONS FOR USING SELF STORAGE IN ST. LOUIS

                                    Living in the Gateway to the West can open you to a world of opportunity. Home to eight Fortune 500 companies, a thriving downtown scene, and two major universities, it's easy to see why so many people are heading to St. Louis.

                                    Finding a place to live in St. Louis may not be difficult or expensive, with the average cost of downtown apartments around $850, but finding more space can be a challenge. A St. Louis storage unit can give you a place to keep your things during a move and help you take better advantage of the limited space in your home. Self storage can also help on-base military personnel keep their things safe while stationed in the area or deployed overseas.

                                    Relocating for Work

                                    With multiple Fortune 500 companies, such as Anheuser-Busch, Emerson Electric, and Charter Communications calling St. Louis home, many people move to the area to pursue job opportunities. As you look for a new home, you may need to rent a St. Louis storage locker to make your shift to a new location easier. 

                                    A place to store your belongings can be a big relief as you line up details for a new job and a new home. Also, you may not have enough space in a new or temporary residence to hold everything that you brought along. Self storage can make your transition less stressful by ensuring that you have a safe place to store your possessions while learning about your new environment and making necessary arrangements.

                                    Some self storage features to consider when relocating to St. Louis:

                                    • Short-Term Rental: Many facilities offer both long- and short-term rental agreements. Month-to-month storage agreements give you the freedom to rent for as long or as short as you need.
                                    • Drive-Up Access: Drive-up access allows you to come and go from your storage unit with ease. As the name says, you can drive a moving truck right up to the entrance of your unit for quick unloading and loading. This means no stairs, elevators, or long hallways when moving all of your possessions and large, bulky furniture.
                                    • Advanced Security Features: During a move, you may not want to keep all of your larger valuables like TVs, furniture, or sound system equipment with you at all times. Choose a St. Louis storage facility with features like coded access, video surveillance, unit alarms, or on-site management so you can rest assured, knowing your belongings will be safe from theft.

                                    When Living in Downtown St. Louis

                                    Living in the downtown area of St. Louis is fulfilling for people who want to be close to popular attractions like the Gateway Arch, the lively bar scene around Laclede's Landing, or blues venues in Soulard. However, a downtown apartment isn't always the best way to get a lot of living space for your money. Downtown St. Louis is less expensive than many other cities, but space is still rented at a premium in desirable downtown areas. 

                                    St. Louis mini storage is a smart solution for people who want to live in a downtown setting but need additional space for their belongings. Rather than paying for a larger apartment, many people save money by renting a unit in a downtown St. Louis storage facility to store seasonal clothing, holiday decorations, personal files, recreational equipment, and more. 

                                    If you are planning on living downtown and are considering self storage, features to keep in mind are:

                                    • 24-Hour Access: Being able to get your things when it's convenient for you is important when it comes to self storage. No one wants to have to plan a day around making a trip to the storage unit. By finding a storage facility that has 24-hour access, you never have to worry about when you will be able to get to your belongings.
                                    • Additional Security: When you keep your belongings at a downtown storage facility, you want to make sure that they are going to be safe. With facility security features like coded access, unit alarms, video surveillance, or on-site management, you'll always leave your storage unit knowing that your valuables are protected.

                                    Attending a University in St. Louis

                                    St. Louis is home to two of the larger private universities in the country, with St. Louis University and Washington University enrolling 13,505 and 14,163 students, respectively. Located close to downtown, both schools host more than 50% of their students in on-campus housing. 

                                    When summer vacation arrives, many students need to move out of the dorms and find a temporary place for their college furnishings. Taking everything home can be a hassle and often requires a truck or trailer to move everything in one trip. Instead, many students rent a self storage unit in St. Louis to keep their belongings near campus until they return to school in the fall.

                                    As a college student, consider these tips when looking for a self storage unit in St. Louis:

                                    • You know that you may not be using storage for longer than the summer, so check to see if storage facilities offer month-by-month leasing options.
                                    • Share a storage unit with a friend or roommate and split the costs. Since all of you will be coming back to campus around the same time, keeping your things together will make your move simpler and cheaper.
                                    • Since St. Louis can be hot and humid in the summers, look for a climate-controlled storage unit. This will help keep sensitive items like electronics, clothing, or books safe from drastic changes in temperature and humidity.

                                    Living at Scott Air Force Base

                                    Living on base has its benefits, but there is one major drawback: lack of space. While being on base is convenient for the families of those who serve, having enough room for all of your belongings can be challenging. If you are currently living at Scott Air Force Base but are still looking for a little bit of additional space for while you're home and away, consider a storage facility that offers these features:

                                    • Vehicle Storage: When you are deployed, your vehicle can often sit idle for months. St. Louis vehicle storage is an easy way to protect your vehicle from the elements and to keep it protected from theft.
                                    • Climate-Controlled Storage: If you don't know how long you will be away, consider a climate-controlled storage unit in St. Louis to keep your belongings safe during the hot summers and cold winters.
                                    • Additional Security: Security features like coded access, video surveillance, unit alarms, or on-site management can help ensure that your belongings are safe in storage whether you are at home, at training, or overseas.

                                    ST. LOUIS VEHICLE STORAGE

                                    With long winter months, St. Louis residents who own a boat, RV, or additional cars often need to find a place to keep these valuable possessions while saving room in the driveway and garage for their daily driver. Many St. Louis storage facilities offer vehicle storage, which will provide protection without having to spend a fortune.

                                    Three options for vehicle storage are:

                                    • Outdoor: Outdoor storage is usually the most affordable vehicle storage choice.
                                    • Covered: Also outdoors, covered storage offers some protection from the elements.
                                    • Indoor: Usually the most costly, indoor storage offers the most protection from both weather conditions and theft.


                                    If you're from St. Louis, then you understand the fact that the weather can be unpredictable. Fall can sometimes feel like spring and winter can drag out for months on end. Because of this, taking advantage of climate-controlled storage in St. Louis is a necessity if you plan on storing valuables that can be impacted by the weather.

                                    Items like electronics, musical instruments, antiques, wood furniture, paper documents, photos, and books can be affected by extreme temperatures and humidity. Climate control keeps your unit between 55–85 degrees with low humidity, ensuring that your belongings stay protected. 

                                    RENT MINI STORAGE IN ST. LOUIS TODAY

                                    Thank you for checking out! If you've found the St. Louis storage unit that fits your needs, you can reserve it online now or call in to speak with a storage representative.


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