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Size: 5'x5' - 20'x30'
Price: $5 - $1500/mo
Max Distance from City Center
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Climate Control: Units maintain a temperature of 55 to 85 degrees to protect your belongings from extreme temperatures.
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Drive-up Access: Units located outside and offer convenience of driving a vehicle up to the unit door.
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Auto/Boat/RV: Offers storage for vehicles which may be non-covered units.

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Gardena Storage Facility
Monthly Rate
Public Storage Facility at 14209 Western Ave, Gardena, CA
14209 Western Ave
Gardena, CA 90249
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0.99 mi
    starting at
    Extra Space Storage Facility at 17575 S Western Ave, Gardena, CA
    17575 S Western Ave
    Gardena, CA 90248
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    1.19 mi
      starting at
      Storage Outlet RV and Self Storage Gardena Facility at 13401 S. Western Avenue, Gardena, CA
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      1.55 mi
        starting at
        Extra Space Storage Facility at 17510 S Figueroa St, Gardena, CA
        17510 S Figueroa St
        Gardena, CA 90248
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        1.97 mi
        • Auto/Boat/RV
        starting at
        Extra Space Storage Facility at 219 E Alondra Blvd, Gardena, CA
        219 E Alondra Blvd
        Gardena, CA 90248
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        2.05 mi
        • Climate Controlled
        starting at
        Public Storage Facility at 1459 W 190th Street, Gardena, CA
        1459 W 190th Street
        Gardena, CA 90248
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        2.09 mi
          starting at
          Public Storage Facility at 1546 W El Segundo, Gardena, CA
          1546 W El Segundo
          Gardena, CA 90249
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          5.57 mi
            starting at


            Finding Storage in Gardena, CA

            Welcome to the Gardena, CA self storage directory page on! Are you in need of additional space for your belongings? Well, look no further because you're in the right place! Our directory has all of the information you need to find and compare Gardena storage facilities by unit size, amenities, and more.

            How Location, Access, and Amenities Affect Storage Pricing

            Several things affect how much you'll pay for a Gardena storage unit, including location, access, and amenities.

            With location, the more convenient a storage facility is, the higher its prices usually are. If you're looking at a facility in the center of town, its rental prices will be more expensive than a facility on the outskirts of town. Now, if you know you'll need to access your unit several times a month, it's worth finding a good location. If, however, you only need to get into your unit once or twice a year, you can opt for a cheaper facility that's not as convenient.

            Access will also affect how much you pay for your unit each month. If you have ground-level access with drive-up capability, you'll probably pay more than you would if you rented a unit on an upper level. Outdoor and indoor units make a difference as well, as does a facility with regular business hours compared to a facility with 24-hour access. Again, it's about convenience.

            Amenities obviously change how much you pay for a Gardena storage unit, too. A climate-controlled storage unit will easily cost more each month than a standard unit since it provides more protection for your storage items. Also, a facility with security features like gated access, on-site management, video surveillance, or alarmed units will have higher prices than a facility without those features because it's another layer of protection for the items in your unit.

            Short-Term Storage Leasing Options

            Many Gardena storage units are available on a month-to-month basis, which is perfect for people who only need storage temporarily. For example: If you're moving and have a few weeks before you can get in to your new home, you can store furniture, appliances, and boxes in Gardena mini storage. Then, when it's time to move in, you don't have to worry about being stuck in a leasing agreement with a storage unit you no longer need.

            Boat Storage Near Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach

            Another feature to consider while looking for a Gardena storage unit is boat storage. Because Gardena is near Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach, getting out on the water is a popular pastime, but often at the expense of your garage or driveway space. Why not store your boat in a nearby storage facility? If you want to get back some space in your driveway, or you're sick of maneuvering around your boat with your car, here's your chance! 

            On, you can find Gardena self storage facilities with boat storage near Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. That way, you can pick up your boat before you head out to the water without having to go out of your way. You can also view storage locations that offer 24-hour access so you'll be able to grab your boat whenever it works with your schedule.

            Reserve Your Unit Now!

            Thank you for using to find Gardena self storage! If you've found a unit you like, you can reserve it directly online or you can call in and speak with one of our storage representatives.