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Scholarship Contest


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Category Winners
Highschool Winner
Olivia Fish - Winner of Highschool $2,500 Scholarship
Olivia Fish
Chapman University
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After purchasing the largest backpack I could find, I would begin the selective process by choosing a few of my favorite novels through the process of elimination. As a teenage girl I would choose, of course, my two favorite John Green novels, The Fault in Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, but also my two favorite classics, The Bell Jar and Lord of the Flies.

Regardless of the limited space inside the backpack, I would sneak in my laptop, for those days in class when my handwriting is completely illegible and those nights in my dorm room when Netflix is my best friend.

Along with the books and laptop, I would throw in several of my favorite movies, so I can find comfort in being so far away from home.

After adding the previous items, I would pack just a few of my favorite mugs, for my 8:30 A.M....
College Winner
lauren - Winner of College $2,500 Scholarship
Lauren Bechtel
Houghton College
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Imagine if all your necessities DID have to fit into a backpack! This fall I will be on campus at my college, so thankfully I won’t have to worry about that! However, I have spent a third of the past two years studying and exploring in Spain, Croatia, Scotland, and Tanzania, to name a few. That means that packing my backpack is second nature to me. What do I put? I am never without my water bottle – staying hydrated is key during day to day life, but especially so when traveling! Right behind that is a trusty cliff bar or two, because regular meal times aren’t as easy as you’d think. Bringing a camera is essential, because taking photos of my experiences, whether at college or abroad, helps me to remember the incredible times I experienced. I always keep a deck of cards in my bag to help pass the time wi...
Parent Winner
Astrid - Winner of Parent $2,500 Scholarship
Astrid Terrazas
Pratt Institute
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Forget a man cave. In a perfect world, my daughter's room after she leaves for college would be more like the Batcave. On the outside, everything would look exactly like it is now. It would simply appear to be an artistic young woman’s bedroom. It would look as if Astrid never left. Her crazy art, random pictures of friends and family and (at least to me) unknown subjects simply stuck to the wall without any sort of framing. Her bed/bookcase, which she has grown to love and hate with that conflicted passion teenagers have, would especially remain as is. Behind the walls, though, would hide all those things a man (in this case a dad-man) wants but can’t have because he has to ‘share’ limited space with two women. Rows and rows of ancient history books would line the walls. A set of ugly but comfortable b...

3 Ways to Win $2,500 in Scholarships

At, we didn’t want to restrict our scholarship contest to just one group, so we created three categories of applicants:

  • current high school seniors who will be enrolled at a college or university in the fall of 2014
  • current college students who were enrolled at a college or university in the spring of 2014 and will be again in the fall of 2014 (pre-graduate or post-graduate studies)
  • parents of a student who will be enrolled at a college or university in the fall of 2014

Higher education is an investment in the future, but anything to make the financial impact of paying for college easier in the present will help. is excited to see the creative answers that are submitted in the scholarship essay contest and looks forward to providing three students with $2,500 to help pay for education. Have fun, and good luck!

Check to See If You Can Apply
Before investing the time into submitting an essay, make sure that you meet all the requirements to take part in the Scholarship Contest. Read the “Regulations” section below to see if you fit the necessary requirements.
Submit a 250 to 400-Word Essay

The next step is to write and submit a 250 to 400-word essay. Both students and parents will have a unique essay topic. Students will answer: “Given that you already have the necessities for college, if you could only take what fits into a backpack, what would you bring?” Parents will answer: “In a perfect world, when your child moves out for college, what are you going to do with their bedroom?”

In addition to submitting an essay, participants also have the option to submit a video that helps communicate the idea of the essay. Essays (and the optional videos) must be submitted by July 31, 2014.

Share Your Entry
Show off your work! Applicants who move forward into the second round will be chosen by the scholarship committee based on creativity, ability to properly answer the question, and applicant merit. Social promotion can only help an entry stand out. The creativity of an applicant's social promotion could be used as a tiebreaker in the event of any ties as well. Promote yourself to your friends and family, and encourage them to vote for you!
Video Tips for Submission

Applicants have the option to submit a video along with their essay, but the video submission is not required. A great video should add to the message of the essay in some way. How this is done is up to the applicant. Follow below for some tips on how to create a quality video.

Visualize your concept. While a well-written essay will do a great job of explaining your concept through text, a video can further establish your concept through visual representation.

Be different. A video submission is one of the best ways to give your audience an idea of who you are. Show off your personality and your talents. Most importantly, use the video to show what makes your idea unique.

Film your video with friends. There is no reason that you have to be the only actor in this video. If your friends can bring something to make the video better, by all means, include them in the fun! Leverage whatever resources you have to help get your point across.

Be consistent. Make sure that the video supplements the essay. The last thing you want is for your video to confuse the overall message of your essay. Keep the direction and concept consistent between the essay and video to make sure that the video helps expand on the ideas within the essay.


The entry deadline for our scholarship program has closed at 11:59 PM CST on July 31, 2014. We are no longer accepting entries for the Scholarships.

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2014 Annual Scholarship contest. Winners will be announced in the coming weeks and check back here for details on 2015 Scholarship opportunities to be released soon.