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Scholarship Contest

Submit an essay, share it socially,
and you could win one of three


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At, we didn’t want to restrict our scholarship contest to just one group, so we created three categories of applicants:

  • current high school seniors who will be enrolled at a college or university in the fall of 2014
  • current college students who were enrolled at a college or university in the spring of 2014 and will be again in the fall of 2014 (pre-graduate or post-graduate studies)
  • parents of a student who will be enrolled at a college or university in the fall of 2014

Higher education is an investment in the future, but anything to make the financial impact of paying for college easier in the present will help. is excited to see the creative answers that are submitted in the scholarship essay contest and looks forward to providing three students with $2,500 to help pay for education. Have fun, and good luck!

Check to See If You Can Apply
Before investing the time into submitting an essay, make sure that you meet all the requirements to take part in the Scholarship Contest. Read the “Regulations” section below to see if you fit the necessary requirements.
Submit a 250 to 400-Word Essay

The next step is to write and submit a 250 to 400-word essay. Both students and parents will have a unique essay topic. Students will answer: “Given that you already have the necessities for college, if you could only take what fits into a backpack, what would you bring?” Parents will answer: “In a perfect world, when your child moves out for college, what are you going to do with their bedroom?”

In addition to submitting an essay, participants also have the option to submit a video that helps communicate the idea of the essay. Essays (and the optional videos) must be submitted by July 31, 2014.

Share Your Entry
Show off your work! Applicants who move forward into the second round will be chosen by the scholarship committee based on creativity, ability to properly answer the question, and applicant merit. Social promotion can only help an entry stand out. The creativity of an applicant's social promotion could be used as a tiebreaker in the event of any ties as well. Promote yourself to your friends and family, and encourage them to vote for you!
Video Tips for Submission

Applicants have the option to submit a video along with their essay, but the video submission is not required. A great video should add to the message of the essay in some way. How this is done is up to the applicant. Follow below for some tips on how to create a quality video.

Visualize your concept. While a well-written essay will do a great job of explaining your concept through text, a video can further establish your concept through visual representation.

Be different. A video submission is one of the best ways to give your audience an idea of who you are. Show off your personality and your talents. Most importantly, use the video to show what makes your idea unique.

Film your video with friends. There is no reason that you have to be the only actor in this video. If your friends can bring something to make the video better, by all means, include them in the fun! Leverage whatever resources you have to help get your point across.

Be consistent. Make sure that the video supplements the essay. The last thing you want is for your video to confuse the overall message of your essay. Keep the direction and concept consistent between the essay and video to make sure that the video helps expand on the ideas within the essay.

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Latest Entries
Richard Ho
University Of Oklahoma
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Like every incoming college freshman, college is a new start. Most of our friends have gone on their own paths with maybe a few walking beside us. For the most part, all we have is ourselves and our material resources. What do I need with me no matter what in order to survive in this new environment? The only thing I can think of besides books, a laptop, and school supplies is a special journal that I made for college. I used to have a personal journal that I made so that I could spill any thoughts that I had. I would write pages for each journal entries until school became busy for me. The journal entries got shorter and eventually, my desire waned. I decided to start another journal because I realized that I had to be open to myself. I always got swept up in the image I wanted to portray to my friend...
K-Cee Mahina Choy-Ellis
Manhattan College
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I would pack adventure, love, confidence, comfort, and faith into my backpack. I am here to tell you that it is absolute...
Brandon Hudson
University of Illinois at Chicago
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If I could only pack what would fit in a backpack after all my needs were taken care, one of the first items I would pack would be some UNO cards. Having a card game of some sort is a good way to relieve some stress while also spending time and bonding with friends. Another item I would have in my backpack would be a pair of basketball shoes. Playing basketball is also another way to relieve stress and a good way to stay in shape at our schools rec center. It is also good to get the competitive juices flowing and build those teamwork skills, so a pair of sneakers would definitely have to go in my backpack. I would pack a copy of ESPN the magazine, which hopefully would be stocked with articles about who to draft in fantasy football and basketball leagues so I can dominate this upcoming season. I would ne...